Lahore High Court Hints at Lockdown in Lahore

LHC hints at lockdown in Lahore

On Wednesday, the Lahore High Court hinted that schools and private offices in the provincial metropolis would be closed weekly due to poor air quality index (AQI). After hearing several petitions in the public interest on environmental issues, Judge Shahid Karim observed that the air quality index had deteriorated to dangerous levels, making the entire city one of the most polluted cities in the world. The judge pointed out that desperate times require urgent action and that health emergencies require the introduction of emergency medical assistance throughout the city.

The director of the Punjab Disaster Management Authority told the court that he has been able to reduce over the past week. He hoped to continue the decline next week. The Judicial Water Commission also filed a report with the court, which found that 47 of the province’s sugar factories were informed of refusal to install air pollution and wastewater treatment facilities. Attorney Azhar Siddique, representing one of the petitioners, argued that the provincial government had failed to meet its statutory pollution control obligations. Representing another petitioner, attorney Sheraz Zaka said the commissioner must close factories that cause air pollution and smog.

He said the government also did not punish those involved in the burning of straw. Judge Karim praised the traffic police’s efforts in controlling traffic jams and allowing free movement. The mayor of the city, Mubashir Javed, informed the court of the measures to be taken against the occupation of the city. He said some blocked roads have been reopened to traffic. Separately, Judge Karim dismissed several petitions asking the police not to interfere with the lawful operations of oilfields suspected of being involved in the sale of low-quality adulterated petroleum products, and because that contributes to air pollution.

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