LWMC sets up ‘Safai Nisf Eman’ campaign

Safai Nisf Eman

LAHORE: Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) on Monday set up a new zero waste campaign in the provincial metropolis named ‘Safai Nisf Eman’ under the guidance of the Punjab Chief Minister.

Minister Local Government Ibrahim Hassan Murad and Secretary LG & CD Dr. Irshad Ahmad along with LWMC CEO Babar Sahib Din formally commenced the drive at Liberty Roundabout. Regarding that, LWMC has also announced a 15-day working plan according to which special cleanliness measurements will be made in all 274 UCs of the city as per the zero waste drive.

Regarding the matter, Minister LG & CD Ibrahim Hassan instructed that the government has taken a measure to ensure ‘zero waste’ across the city to enhance the city aesthetics for which LWMC has been initiated. To ensure impeccable cleanliness situations, door-to-door waste collection will be carried out followed by cleaning parks, historical places, playgrounds, graveyards, commercial markets, and bus terminals.

Along with cleanliness execution, public awareness activities will also be done strongly. Declaration concerning cleanliness will be made during Friday prayers. Daily monitoring and review meetings will take place to work for this campaign successfully. LWMC CEO Babar Sahib Din while instructing on the 15-day zero waste drive said that during the Zero Waste Campaign, special cleanliness activities will be made sure. The special concentration of Zero Waste Drive was on clearance of 450 open plots and open heaps, demolition of 70-80 km of roads on daily basis, gully grating cleanliness, sweeping, washing, and liming of entry and exit points, and sprinkling on roads.

Operation teams, cleaning staff, and the fleet will remain active in the field to help the citizens, he said. According to the plan, LWMC will be providing remarkable cleanliness services to the residents of the provincial capital including large-scale manual sweeping in the inner streets, elimination of more than 5,000 containers, cleanliness around mosques, graveyards, schools, and public parks, and repair of 3,000 damaged containers, he said. He said all available mechanical resources would be used for plot clearance. To reduce the dust, scraping the accumulated soil layers on the roadside shall also be taken out. Special cleaning measures will be made around more than 500 cemeteries in the city. In addition to this, mechanical sweeping will be done on 800km of roads and mechanical washing on 150km of roads on daily basis.

During the zero waste operation, all officers and workers will continue to be active in the field and strict monitoring of field formation will be ensured and all complaints of the citizens will be amended on a priority basis. He also said that only the department cannot bring change without the cooperation of citizens which is an urgent need of time. In case of any complaint, citizens can always dial the LWMC helpline at 1139 or can use social media.



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