CDA to bring out strict rules for water conservation

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority is all set to bring out strict rules in the city for water conservation.

Due to careless activities such as car washing and allowing water to overflow onto the streets, Islamabad repeatedly faces water shortages. Although safety measures are being taken to manage water wastage, the current laws only allow the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to charge a maximum fine of Rs. 5,000 on those found guilty of such crimes.

This limitation has resulted in difficulties for the CDA to impose strict penalties on water wasters. Therefore, it is essential to educate the public about the importance of water conservation and apply stricter regulations to ensure the accountable use of water resources.

By advertising awareness and taking necessary measures to prevent water wastage, the city can help reduce the water shortage issue and create an endurable future for its residents. It is reported that the CDA is planning to increase the fine to Rs. 25,000 for repeat offenders.

Furthermore, CDA has recently taken a positive step towards water conservation in Islamabad. According to reports, the authority has installed a ultra-modern water recycling plant in the city’s F-9 Park.

The plant has been designed to treat wastewater from the park’s fountains, which is then reused for watering plants and maintaining the greenery in the area. It will help reduce water utilization and also prevent the wastage of valuable resources.

The CDA’s action is being widely acknowledged and admired by environmentalists and citizens alike, as it is a step towards sustainable development and a greener future. This initiative also shows up the importance of accountable water usage and conservation, which is necessary in a country like Pakistan, where water shortage is a rising concern.


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