MD WASA Finalizes 2022-23 Desilting Plan


LAHORE: Desilting plans for the provincial capital have been finalized by the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA). On Saturday, Managing Director Wasa Ghafran Ahmed facilitated a meeting to finalize the plan.

There was a meeting attended by DMD Abdul Latif, Director Sohail Qadir Cheema, Faisal Khurram, Raheel Ashraf, Adeel Sharif, Mian Hamid Lal, and others. There was a detailed plan for desalination presented by each town director.

A phased approach to desalting will be followed in the provincial capital, according to Managing Director Wasa Ghafran Ahmed. In a similar manner, he said that desalination of disposal stations, drains, and underpasses would be phased in.

In order to complete the desilting process before the next monsoon season, MD Wasa said the plan was made in advance. The city director was instructed to supervise the completion of desalination.

According to him, the O&M Wing should provide a daily report on desalting to the GIS Wing. Wasa’s MD Dida Ghafran Ahmed reviewed the weekly performance of Wasa’s development projects and operations in another meeting.

Upon his approval, Sept 15, 2022, would be the start date for the work on approved development schemes. Additionally, he ordered various water and sewage projects to be completed on time.

MD Wasa warned that “slowness, delays, and malfeasance in development projects will not be tolerated” and asked all directors to submit detailed reports on ongoing sewerage projects.

It was directed by MD Wasa that all old lines be disconnected under the “One Line One Street” project. Moreover, he instructed all officers to always be actively involved in adengue campaigns.

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