Punjab Government Urged To Build Small Dams To Defend Against Flood


LAHORE: Pakistan is likely to experience a slowdown in rain intensity over the next 15 days and there is no chance of a new rain spell. Nevertheless, it will take time for flood-hit areas to be rehabilitated and displaced people to be resettled. Governments and many private institutions do not have the trust of a large number of people who want to help with rehabilitation and relief.

During Jang Economic Session titled “Flood destruction – economy trapped in crisis”, the discussants expressed these views. Abbadur-Rehman, Qais Aslam, and Ch Muhammad Aslam were the panelists, with Sikindar Lodhi moderating the discussion.

As 90 percent of water is lost to the sea in three months, Abbadur-Rehman emphasized the need for construction of water storages. In Pakistan, the water storage capacity is less than six months, while countries around the world store water for between two and three years. As small dams are urgently needed, he suggested building them every 10 miles distance.

Many lives could have been saved if people had been shifted to safer places prior to the floods, according to Abdul Rasheed Sindhu. It would be possible to reduce disasters if rainwater had a clear path to follow. The waterways system needs to be improved in light of the current situation.

His estimates for the loss in the coming days were greater than what he was suffering now. It is possible that human and animal diseases will emerge after the floods. Farmers, livestock, and crops have all been damaged by the flood, while the consumer has been affected by an increase in prices.

The consumer, however, will not benefit from importing vegetables from India because nothing is cheap there as well. Additionally, there is a limited amount of merchandise that can be imported for Pakistan, which won’t be sufficient to meet its demands. It was predicted three months ago that there would be more rain than usual this year, according to Ch Muhammad Aslam.

However, it is possible that the government wasn’t focusing on the seriousness of the situation because it was busy with other matters. In the coming years, South Punjab may experience more floods, according to international organizations.

Following the flood disaster in Kalam, Taunsa, Balochistan, and other areas, rehabilitation and reconstruction will require time. During this time, there is a great need for water storage dams, irrigation systems, and electricity grids. In response to the Meteorological Department’s forecast, he demanded the government take the necessary measures.

Consumption of edibles will continue to rise through imports, which will increase inflation. The government and its institutions are not trusted by the general public, and people are not aware of which organizations should be given donations.

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