Punjab CM Approves Comprehensive Murree Development Plan

Punjab CM Approves Comprehensive Murree Development Plan

Murree: Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz recently chaired an extensive five-hour meeting on Saturday to approve the Murree Development Plan. This significant development, reported by a news source a couple of days ago, marks a substantial investment in the future of Murree, focusing on multiple aspects of the town’s infrastructure and tourism appeal.

According to the details, Senior Provincial Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb provided a detailed briefing during the meeting, leading to the approval of various ambitious projects centered around development, beautification, transport, construction, and rehabilitation. The plan is comprehensive and aims to transform Murree into a more attractive and functional destination for both residents and tourists.

Key highlights of the approved projects include:

  • Tourist Glass Train Project: The meeting approved the Rawalpindi to Murree Tourist Glass Train Project, with plans to hire an international consultant to ensure the project meets global standards.
  • Hotel Relocation: A decision was made to remove high-rise hotel buildings that obstruct Mall Road’s natural scenery and relocate them from GPO Chowk. This move is intended to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area.
  • Building Uniformity: The plan includes implementing a uniform appearance, signs, and color schemes for old buildings on Mall Road. This initiative aims to preserve the historical charm while maintaining a cohesive look.
  • Restoration of Historical Names: The plan also involves restoring old names for cities, areas, and historical buildings, including Murree. This will be accompanied by amendments to building laws and shifting approval powers to the provincial level to streamline the process.
  • Action Against Illegal Constructions: There was an in-principle decision to take action against officials who permitted illegal constructions, ensuring better regulation and adherence to development guidelines.

The meeting covered additional initiatives, such as:

  • Water Supply: A comprehensive plan for the supply of drinking water, ensuring over 600,000 gallons of clean water daily to meet the needs of the residents and visitors.
  • Village Streets: Installation of RCC and tough tiles on 53 kilometers of village streets to improve infrastructure.
  • Rainwater Storage Project: Approval of a rainwater storage project, benefiting over 1,100 homes, aimed at sustainable water management.
  • Road Expansion and Parking: Expansion of the Rawalpindi-Murree-Kashmir Road and the creation of temporary parking spaces on Old Murree Road to alleviate traffic congestion.
  • Infrastructure Development: Remodelling of Jhika Gali Chowk, removal of encroachments, and construction of Lawrence College Road, Boostal Mor to Brewery Road to enhance connectivity.
  • Wildlife Park Development: Development of Banser Gali Wildlife Park with tree houses, camping sites, walkways, and terrace parking areas, promoting eco-tourism.
  • Park Renovations: Renovation of entrances to PIA and Bagh-e-Shaheedan Parks, along with the creation of attractive tourist walkways to enhance the visitor experience.
  • Biodiversity Park: Establishment of Murree Biodiversity Park, featuring natural habitats for plants, birds, and animals, as well as picnic areas and tourist huts.
  • Artist’s Corners and Walkways: Creation of artist’s corners, walkways, and walking tracks to promote cultural and eco-tourism.
  • Road Construction and Repair: Completion of the construction and repair of 16 internal roads in Murree, ensuring better access and mobility within the town.

The Murree Development Plan is set to significantly enhance the town’s infrastructure and tourism potential, making it a more appealing destination for visitors and a better place for residents.

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