Punjab Launches Dastak Program to Boost Youth Employment

Punjab Launches Dastak Program to Boost Youth Employment

CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif announced plans to expand the ‘Maryam Ki Dastak Program’ to all districts, increasing the services offered from 10 to 65. She emphasized that this initiative will allow people to access services at home, reducing the need to visit multiple offices, and will help eliminate corruption and exploitation. The Chief Minister highlighted that Punjab is entering a new era of digitalization, making lives easier through information technology and artificial intelligence.

The ‘Dastak’ program represents a significant step forward in the Punjab government’s efforts to empower youth and promote digital inclusion. By expanding the range of services from 10 to 65, the program aims to provide a comprehensive solution to many of the challenges faced by residents, such as the inconvenience of visiting multiple offices for different services. This initiative is not only about employment but also about creating a more efficient and corruption-free system.

CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif stressed the importance of integrating modern technology to enhance the efficiency and reach of government services. The program’s reliance on information technology and artificial intelligence signifies a progressive move towards a more digitally connected Punjab. This digital transformation is expected to streamline service delivery, making it more accessible and convenient for the public.

To qualify as a ‘Dastak’ representative, candidates must meet specific criteria. They must be at least 18 years old, have an intermediate education, a valid CNIC, a mobile phone with internet, a clearance certificate from the police, a personal motorcycle, and a valid driving license. Selected representatives will also receive training to perform their roles effectively. This comprehensive set of requirements ensures that the representatives are well-equipped to serve the community efficiently.

The training provided to the ‘Dastak’ representatives will cover various aspects of their role, including the use of digital tools and platforms, customer service, and understanding the range of services they will facilitate. This training is crucial for ensuring that the representatives can perform their duties effectively and provide high-quality service to the residents.

The ‘Dastak’ program is expected to have a substantial impact on the youth employment rate in Punjab. By offering dignified and well-paying jobs, it aims to reduce unemployment and provide the youth with a stable source of income. The program also emphasizes the importance of dignity in employment, ensuring that the representatives are respected and valued in their roles.

In addition to its employment benefits, the ‘Dastak’ program is designed to combat corruption and exploitation by reducing the need for intermediaries and minimizing direct interactions with government offices. By providing services at the doorstep, the program aims to create a more transparent and efficient system, reducing opportunities for corrupt practices.

The Punjab government’s ‘Dastak’ program, initiated by CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at facilitating youth employment and enhancing digital service delivery across the province. By expanding the range of services and integrating modern technology, the program seeks to create a more efficient, transparent, and inclusive system. The rigorous selection and training process for ‘Dastak’ representatives ensures that they are well-prepared to serve the community, making this initiative a significant step towards a digitally empowered Punjab.

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