CM Maryam Nawaz Sets Deadlines for Major Road Projects in Punjab

CM Maryam Nawaz Sets Deadlines for Major Road Projects in Punjab

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Maryam Nawaz emphasized the urgent need for the timely completion of development projects during a recent Planning and Development Board meeting, according to a news source on June 28.

Key officials and ministers attended the session, underscoring the government’s commitment to project oversight and timely delivery. The presence of senior officials highlighted the significance of these development projects and the emphasis on adhering to the set deadlines to ensure smooth execution.

CM Maryam’s directives aim to accelerate the development of critical infrastructure in Punjab, enhancing connectivity and promoting economic growth. The focus on road projects is particularly significant, as improved road networks are expected to facilitate better transportation of goods and people, thereby boosting trade and commerce within the region.

The real-time monitoring dashboard instructed by CM Maryam is a strategic move to ensure transparency and efficiency in the implementation of development projects. By having a centralized system to track progress, potential delays can be identified and addressed promptly, ensuring that projects stay on schedule.

The decision to set specific deadlines for the commencement of construction on major road projects reflects CM Maryam’s proactive approach to governance. By clearly defining timelines, the government can hold contractors and stakeholders accountable, minimizing the risk of project delays and cost overruns.

Furthermore, the submission of Project Concept Papers (PC-Is) by July 15 is a crucial step in the planning phase, ensuring that all necessary approvals and resources are in place before the commencement of construction. This proactive planning is essential for the seamless execution of projects, reducing the likelihood of unexpected obstacles.

The commencement of construction on the Chicha Watni-Layyah Road, Multan-Vihari Road, Sahiwal-Saharani Road, Bahawalnagar-Jhangra East Interchange Road, and Faisalabad-Chiniot-Sargodha Road by the specified deadlines will significantly improve the transportation infrastructure in Punjab. These projects are expected to enhance regional connectivity, reduce travel time, and improve road safety, contributing to the overall development of the province.

CM Maryam Nawaz’s review of the Annual Development Program 2024-25 and the setting of deadlines for major road projects demonstrate a strong commitment to infrastructure development and efficient governance. The implementation of a real-time monitoring dashboard and the emphasis on timely submission of Project Concept Papers further reinforce the government’s dedication to ensuring the successful and timely completion of these critical projects.

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