Punjab Road Safety Authority Proposal has been Given to the Cabinet for Approval

Punjab Road Safety Authority

The proposal to establish the Punjab Road Safety Authority has been given to the cabinet for approval, according to Provincial Minister of Transport Jahanzeb Khan Khichi, who stated that the government is dedicated to solving the issues of transporters on an immediate basis. He stated this while speaking at a “Public-Private Dialogue” event for the advancement of the transportation industry, which was held on Wednesday. The event was also attended by the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade Chairman Fazil Asif, as well as private operators and investors in the transportation sector.
The minister stated in his keynote address that the transportation industry is the foundation of any country’s progress and growth. Punjab’s transportation sector offers numerous investment prospects. He stated that the government encourages private investors in the Punjab transportation industry.
According to the minister, the Punjab government is committed to creating green transportation in order to reduce pollution. According to him, the PTI administration has also announced the country’s first electric car policy, and stakeholders’ comments and experiences will be beneficial in providing commuters with inexpensive transportation.
The recommendations that arose from the event for offering world-class travel facilities in the transportation industry, according to Jahanzeb Khichi, are noteworthy. The implementation of the new transportation system would alter the province’s transportation culture.
He mentioned that the PTI government has encouraged a business-friendly atmosphere for investors and has provided them with investment facilities through a single window. He reaffirmed his commitment to assist foreign investors in Punjab with every possible amenity.

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