Next week, the FBR will launch the Tax Asan Portal

Tax Asan Portal

The Federal  Revenue Service FBR, in collaboration with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), will launch the Tax Asan Portal next week, and the news source reported on February 10 will be comprehensive on and immovables. Provide information. Similar to the applicant’s already estimated tax obligations. According to the reports, the FBR has gathered information about non-filers assets and liabilities from a variety of sources. This data will be used to calculate the individual’s owed taxes and will help to increase the tax net.

The following steps will be taken to implement the new system, according to the authorities:

  • All non-filers will receive an SMS with information on how to access the portal
  • The user will then review the information available and confirm their data and tax liabilities
  • Non-filers would be given time to file returns voluntarily and pay the required taxes

Failure to submit returns will result in the suspension of utility and mobile service until the outstanding balance is paid or the tax commissioner is satisfied with the explanation.

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