The 9th Avenue Green Belt enhances Islamabad’s beauty

Islamabad: With its captivating look depicting the brilliant colors of Spring flowers, the newly developed green belt by CDA along 9th Avenue draws the attention of onlookers.

It is an undeniable fact that the newly inaugurated green belt adds tremendous beauty to the natural beauty of the federal capital, even though the civic agency has been upgrading green belts.

By arranging colorful flower arrangements and installing captivating landscaping along major avenues and busy intersections, the CDA has begun beautifying the federal capital.

Likewise, the stonework was completed in a very natural way without the use of any kind of construction material. Rather than the huge amounts that are normally spent on this kind of project, it seems that this project is more about aesthetic sense and artistic work.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the civic agency has also adopted the flower tower concept. It is a lush vertical display of flowers not only enhances beauty but is easy to maintain and a major source of attraction in the city.

Water is converted into maximum growth using the internal watering system in the flower towers. Additionally, evergreen plants and seasonal flowers are being planted along major avenues throughout the city.

Islamabad is currently giving a colorful look due to the blooming of flowers in the spring season. The green spaces and flowerbeds that grow naturally can be seen everywhere in the federal capital.

In addition to adding beauty and scent to gardens, homes, and spots around the city, an official said flowers are a necessary part of life. Apart from beautifying the area, flowerbeds also provide entertainment and recreation, he said.



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