The Best Location for Your New Home: Etihad Town Phase 2 Lahore

Etihad Town Phase 2 Lahore

The real estate market in Lahore has been developing exponentially over the last few years. The work on many new residential and commercial projects is going on to cater to the demand of the growing city’s population. Of these new housing areas, Etihad Town Phase 2 Lahore is one of the biggest and most sought-after neighbourhoods.

It is due to its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and a wide array of amenities and facilities. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to build your dream home or invest in this prestigious development located in Lahore’s rapidly growing area.

Why the location of Etihad town phase 2 Lahore is is important?

Etihad town phase 2 Lahore is located at an important location of the city with access to all major social and economic zones – J2 Mouza near Jia Bagga Road. The location is just a few minutes’ drive away from Allama Iqbal International Airport, which will make it easy for you to travel abroad or domestically.

Plus, Etihad town phase 2 proximity to the Raiwind Road and Motorway makes it easily accessible to various parts of Lahore and Pakistan. In addition to this, this project also offers fantastic connectivity to Lahore city through Speedo Bus Service, local vans and a few kilometres from Orange Line Metro Station.

Etihad town phase 2 is connected to major routes of the city. It is close to schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other amenities. It’s also close to several restaurants, cafes, and a cinema for when you need a break from shopping. So, if you want an affordable house and the perfect place to raise your family, Etihad Town Phase 2 Lahore should be on top of your list!

Utilities and Accessibility of Etihad town phase 2 Lahore 

Etihad town is strategically located on Jia Bagga Road, just a few Kilometres away from Motorway M-2 and Multan Road. It offers easy access to major road networks and the international airport, making it a perfect location for businesses and families alike.

You’ll find all of your day-to-day needs are covered with services such as medical institutions, schools, hospitals and banks being conveniently located within the city.

It is also close to Ring Road Lahore, which makes travelling inside and outside of the city much easier. The proximity to the motorway (M2) will enable you and your family to explore more parts of Pakistan in comfort, as well as connect with other parts of Pakistan quickly.

Plots and Files for Sale Etihad town phase 2 Lahore

Currently, there are various commercial and residential plots files available for sale in Etihad town phase 2 Lahore.

Here are the details of the plot files in phase 2 Etihad town.

  • Residential Files (3 Marlas & 5 Marlas)
  • Commercial Files (4 Marlas & 5.33 Marlas)

It means there’s something for everyone. If you want a special discount on these files, then look no further than Property Buy-Rent for a safe & secure deal. We are offering a special 10% discount upon fully cash payment.

The amazing thing is that 50% of Development Charges have already been paid on all of these Residential and Commercial files. So you will don’t have to pay these charges if you get a deal through Property Buy-Rent. Contact our sales team for more information.

Etihad town phase 2 Lahore Development Updates

Etihad town phase 2 Lahore is a residential project which has been designed to provide an excellent standard of living. The land on which the project is being developed is located on Jia Bagga Road, just off Main Raiwind Road.

It makes it easily accessible from the airport and other parts of Lahore. In addition to being able to enjoy a picturesque view. The residents will enjoy the good network of roads and public transport in Etihad town phase 2 Lahore. Schools, universities, hospitals and shopping malls are also nearby.

Experience a New Life at Etihad Town Phase 2

Etihad town phase 2 is a state-of-the-art residential project. It is developed by the renowned The Etihad Group and located at the prime location of Lahore. It is a perfect place to live in a calming environment and well-planned roads. The community has a wide range of amenities such as swimming pools, theme parks, children’s play areas, commercial markets, security, and much more.

These amenities offer residents the easy and convenient lifestyle that they wish for. Many Etihad town phase 2 Lahore properties and files are available for sale. In short, phase 2 Etihad Town is going to be a beautiful housing project that offers all the modern amenities and facilities required for comfortable living under one roof.

Contact Property Buy-Rent sales team to invest in this glorious and futuristic project without breaking the bank.


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