The CDA is Requesting a Meeting With The Federal Cabinet In Order To Present Reservations

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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board decided on Wednesday to request an audience with the federal cabinet to present the board’s perspective on the cabinet’s decision to privatize the Jinnah Convention Centre (JCC). According to reliable sources, the board decided at its meeting that two non-executive members, Ali Asghar Khan and Nayyar Ali Dada, would present the board’s viewpoint and concerns to the federal cabinet. At its most recent meeting, the CDA board stated that the authority would require an assurance from the Privatization Commission that the successful bidder or the Privatization Commission will bear the cost of providing sewerage treatment plant, solid waste management system, water supply system, separate electricity supply or grid station, and traffic impact for future use of JCC.

Furthermore, Ali Asghar Khan, one of the board members, stated that the board should build a case for review by clearly stating all of the concerns. In essence, they stem from the fact that the land is being treated as an island within CDA, and the independent bye-laws devised by the cabinet for a specific project will turn it into a jungle, he said, adding that nearly all of the board members had expressed reservations about the project. On Wednesday, the CDA board meeting, which was chaired by CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed, decided to introduce an online and automated board decision and supervision system for board members.



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