The List & Importance of All Dams in Pakistan – Benefits of Dams in Pakistan

The country of Pakistan plays host to some of the most magnificent and ancient man-made structures on earth, dating back thousands of years before the birth of Christ. The country’s most magnificent works are its many dams, which provide water to drink and irrigate fields, enabling farmers to grow crops and feed the people of Pakistan.

Additionally, dams in Pakistan serve an important national security function, as they help prevent floods, droughts, and other disasters that would otherwise devastate this developing nation. In this article, we are going to discuss the dams in Pakistan, and their importance as well as talk about dams in Pakistan under construction.

List of All Dams in Pakistan

Dams in Pakistan are an important part of Pakistan’s infrastructure. They provide water for irrigation, hydroelectric power, and flood control. There are many dams in Pakistan, but some of the most important ones are the Tarbela Dam, the Mangla Dam, and the Rawal Dam.

These dams in Pakistan provide vital services to the people of Pakistan and help to keep the country running smoothly. The livelihoods of countless people depend on them. Pakistan needs to invest more money into the maintenance and upkeep of these dams in Pakistan so that they can continue providing essential services for years to come.

List of All Dams in Pakistan Province-wise

Dams in Pakistan in Azad Kashmir

River Dam/Reservoir Location Height Length Storage capacity Year of completion
Jhelum River Mangla Dam Mirpur District 147 m (482 ft) 138 metres (453 ft) 7,251,811,000 m3 (5,879,139 acre⋅ft) 1967
Neelum River Neelum–Jhelum Muzaffarabad District 60 m (197 ft)   8,000,000 m3 (6,486 acre⋅ft) 2018

Dams in Pakistan in Baluchistan

Name Location/
nearest city
Impounds Height Storage capacity Year of completion
Akra Kaur Dam Gwadar Akra Kaur River 21 metres (69 ft) 21,000,000 m3 (17,025 acre⋅ft) 1995
Amach Dam Mastung Amach River 15.2 metres (50 ft) 1,675,000 m3 (1,358 acre⋅ft) 1987
Band-e-Chaman Dam Turbat Band-e-Chaman River 15 metres (49 ft) 2,467,000 m3 (2,000 acre⋅ft) 1994
Gur Dam Kalat n/a 15.2 metres (50 ft) 498,000 m3 (404 acre⋅ft)
Hingi Dam Quetta Hingi 15 metres (49 ft) 201,000 m3 (163 acre⋅ft) 1995–96
Hub Dam Malir Hub River 48 metres (157 ft) 1,057,000,000 m3 (856,924 acre⋅ft) 1979
Khad Koocha Dam Mastung Kad Koocha River 15.2 metres (50 ft) 117,000 m3 (95 acre⋅ft) 1984
Khajeer Dam Qila Saifullah Khajeer River 15 metres (49 ft) 308,000 m3 (250 acre⋅ft) 1991
Kullan Dam Kharan
Mana Storage Dam Ziarat Mana River 19.8 metres (65 ft) 1,825,000 m3 (1,480 acre⋅ft) 1961
Mangi Dam Ziarat Boin Viala River 18 metres (59 ft) 130,000 m3 (105 acre⋅ft) 1982
Mirani Dam Makran Dasht River 39 metres (128 ft) 373,000,000 m3 (302,396 acre⋅ft) 2006
Naulong Dam Jhal Magsi Mula River 56.7 metres (186 ft) 2015
Neelag Dasht Dam District Kech Dasht River 2019
Nishpa Dam Mastung Nishpa River 15 metres (49 ft) 115,000 m3 (93 acre⋅ft) 1994
Pinakai Dam Qila Saifullah Pinakai River 15.2 metres (50 ft) 48,000 m3 (39 acre⋅ft) 1994
Sabakzai Dam Zhob Zhob River 34.75 metres (114.0 ft) 32,700 acre⋅ft (40,334,856 m3) 2007
Sasnak Mana Storage Dam Ziarat Sasnak River 19 metres (62 ft) 271,000 m3 (220 acre⋅ft) 1993
Sassi Punnu Dam Makran
Shadak Dam Pishin Shadak River 15.2 metres (50 ft) 86,000 m3 (70 acre⋅ft) 1983
Shadi Kaur Storage Dam Pasni 25 metres (82 ft) 37,000 acre⋅ft (45,638,828 m3)
Shagai Dam Quetta 15.2 metres (50 ft) 381,000 m3 (309 acre⋅ft) 1993
Shiker Dam Pishin Shiker River 19 metres (62 ft) 61,000 m3 (49 acre⋅ft) 1988
Spinkarez Dam Quetta Nar River and Murdar River 29 metres (95 ft) 6,800,000 m3 (5,513 acre⋅ft) 1945
Tabai Dam Quetta Tabai River 15 metres (49 ft) 175,000 m3 (142 acre⋅ft) 1994
Tangi Dam Qila Saifullah Tangi River 15.2 metres (50 ft) 75,000 m3 (61 acre⋅ft) 1997
Thamarak Dam Pishin 15.2 metres (50 ft) 241,000 m3 (195 acre⋅ft) 1986
Tooth Dam Kalat Tooth River 16 metres (52 ft) 490,000 m3 (397 acre⋅ft) 1991
Under Base Dam Qila Saifullah Under Base River 15.2 metres (50 ft) 86,000 m3 (70 acre⋅ft) 1985
Walitangi Dam Quetta Walitangi River 24 metres (79 ft) 510,000 m3 (413 acre⋅ft) 1961


Dams in Pakistan in Gilgit-Baltistan

Name Location/
nearest city
Impounds Height Storage capacity Year of completion Electrical capacity
Katzarah Dam Skardu Shyok, Shigar, and Indus 35000000 acre feet 15000 MW
Satpara Dam Skardu Satpara 39 metres (128 ft) 2013
Bunji Dam Bunji Indus 190 metres (620 ft) 1900 m3/s TBD

Dams in Pakistan in Islamabad Capital Territory


Name Location/
nearest city
Impounds Height Storage capacity Year of completion
Rawal Dam Islamabad Capital Territory Korang River 40.7 m (133.5 ft) 58,600,000 m3 (47,508 acre⋅ft) 1962
Simly Dam Islamabad Capital Territory Soan River 89.7 m 35,463,000 m3 (28,750 acre⋅ft) 1983

Dams in Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Name Baran Dam Location/
nearest city Bannu kpk
Impounds Height Storage capacity Year of completion
Allai Khwar[13] Battagram Allai Khwar River 51 metres (167 ft) 2012[14]
Auxiliary Kandar Dam Kohat Dargai Algad River 23 metres (75 ft) 2004
Aza Khel Dam Peshawar N/A 23 metres (75 ft) 2004
Baran Dam Bannu Baran River 24 metres (79 ft) 1962
Chaatri Dam Haripur Nain Sukh River 26 metres (85 ft) 1971
Chanda Fateh Khan Dam Kohat N/A 25 metres (82 ft) 2004
Changhoz Dam Karak Changhoz River 43 metres (141 ft) 2007
Dandy Dam Miranshah 25 m (82 ft) 5,945,000 m3 (4,820 acre⋅ft) 2011[10]
Dargai Pal Dam Wana 30 m (98 ft) 5,896,000 m3 (4,780 acre⋅ft) 2008[11]
Darwazai Dam Kohat Sodal Algada River 15 metres (49 ft) 1976
Duber Khwar Pattan, Kohistan Khan Khwar River 97.57 metres (320.1 ft) 2013[14]
Gandially Dam Kohat Taru Algada River 22 metres (72 ft) 2002
Gomal Zam Dam Wana 133 m (436 ft) 1,400,000,000 m3 (1,134,998 acre⋅ft) 2012[12]
Jalozai Barani Dam Nowshehra Pabbi N/A 74 metres (243 ft) 1,277 m3 (1 acre⋅ft) 2015
Kahal Dam Hazara Kahal River 22 metres (72 ft) 1971
Kandar Dam Kohat Dargai Algada River 27 metres (89 ft) 1970
Khal Dam Haripur Khal Kass River 23 metres (75 ft) 1972
Khan Khwar Besham, Shangla Khan Khwar River 46 metres (151 ft) 2012[14]
Khanpur Dam Haripur Haro River 51 metres (167 ft) 1985
Mang Dam Haripur Haro River 16 metres (52 ft) 1970
Naryab Dam Hangu Naryab River 32 metres (105 ft) 2006
Sarki Lawaghar Dam Karak Tem River 40 metres (130 ft) 2006
Tanda Dam Kohat Kohat River 35 metres (115 ft) 1967
Tarbela (Auxiliary-1 Dam) Ghazi Indus River 105 metres (344 ft) 1974
Tarbela (Auxiliary-2 Dam) Ghazi Indus River 67 metres (220 ft) 1974
Tarbela Dam Haripur Indus River 143.26 metres (470.0 ft) 13,690,000,000 m3 (11,098,664 acre⋅ft) 1974
Warsak Dam Peshawar Kabul River 67 metres (220 ft) 76,492,000 m3 (62,013 acre⋅ft) 1960
Zaibi Dam Karak Zaibi Algad River 25 metres (82 ft) 1997

Dams in Pakistan in Punjab


Name Location/
nearest city
Storage capacity Year of completion
Ghazi Barotha Dam Attock, Punjab 22,500,000 m3 (18,241 acre⋅ft) 2003
Gurab Dam
Haji Shah Dam Attock, Punjab 1,800,000 m3 (1,459 acre⋅ft) 2013-14
Jabbi Dam Attock, Punjab
Jamal Dam
Jammargal Dam
Jawa Dam Dhalla, Rawalpindi District 1,938,000 m3 (1,571 acre⋅ft) 1994
Jurash Dam
Kahuta Dam
Kanjoor Dam Attock, Punjab
Khasala Dam

Lehri Dam
Mailsi Dam
Mirwal Dam
Misriot Dam
Namal Dam Mianwali District
Karot Dam Punjab
Nirali Dam
Qibla Bandi Dam
Rati Kassi Dam Attock, Punjab
Salial Dam
Shahpur Dam Attock, Punjab
Shakardara Dam Attock, Punjab
Tain Pura Dam
Dhok Sandy Mar Dam
Dhok Tahlian Dam Chakwal
Dungi Dam
Bhugtal Dam
Channi Bor Dam Attock, Punjab
Chbla Bano Dam
Chichali Dam


Dams in Pakistan in Sindh

Name Location/
nearest city
Impounds Height Storage capacity Year of completion
Darawat Dam Jamshoro District Nari Baran River 43 metres (141 ft) 150,000,000 m3 (121,607 acre⋅ft) 2014
Chotiari Dam Sanghar District Nara Canal (Indus River) 26.3 metres (86 ft) 750,000 m3 (608 acre⋅ft) 2002
Nai Gaj Dam Kirthar Mountains Nai Gaj river 59.1 metres (194 ft) 30,000,000 m3 (24,321 acre⋅ft) 2019


Benefits of Dams in Pakistan

Dams in Pakistan are important for several reasons. They provide irrigation water for crops, drinking water for humans and animals, hydroelectric power, and flood control. In addition, dams in Pakistan can be used for recreation, such as boating and fishing.

However, the construction of large in Pakistan causes some negative impacts. For example, the reservoir created by the dam inundates land which displaces people from their homes and affects wildlife habitats.

Here are some of the most important benefits of dams in Pakistan.

Flood Control

Dams play an important role in flood control by acting as a barrier to prevent water from flowing downstream. In Pakistan, which is prone to floods, dams in Pakistan can help save lives and property. For example, the Akhori Dam in Attock was built on the Indus River after devastating floods occurred in India.

The dam helps regulate water flow during flooding season and provides hydroelectric power. When there are no floods, the dam generates power at its full capacity while storing it for later use when needed most.

By regulating the level of water in rivers and lakes, dams in Pakistan also provide fishing grounds. The construction of reservoirs on some rivers has been criticized because it alters aquatic habitats. However, some experts point out that this is not necessarily true for all areas because different types of rivers have different ecological balances.

Water Supply

Dams are a vital part of Pakistan’s water supply system. They provide water for irrigation, drinking, and industry. Dams in Pakistan also generate hydroelectric power, which is a major source of electricity in Pakistan. For these reasons, dams are critical to the economic development of the country.

Another important function of dams is that they control floods by regulating the flow of water downstream. For example, the Tarbela Dam prevents floods from damaging Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Indus River feeds into this dam, protecting those two cities.

The Tarbela Dam is currently experiencing some problems due to sedimentation and silt build-up in the reservoir. As more rivers dry up because of climate change, more people will be using the Tarbela Dam as their main source of water.

Electricity Generation

Dams are an important source of electricity generation in Pakistan. The Tarbela Dam alone generates approximately 3,478 megawatts of electricity – that’s enough to power over two million homes! Not only does this help meet the ever-growing demand for energy in the country, but it also provides a much-needed boost to the economy.

Experts predict that the contribution from hydropower to Pakistan’s GDP is set to grow by 2% annually until 2030. In addition, as dams offer flood control and drought protection, they also help reduce costs incurred by other sectors of society such as agriculture and health care.

Navigation System

Dams in Pakistan are an important part of Pakistan’s infrastructure. They provide water for irrigation, drinking, and industry. They also generate hydroelectric power and help to regulate the flow of rivers. The Indus River is a major river that is largely regulated by dams.

The Tarbela Dam is a large dam on the Indus River near Islamabad that provides much of the country’s electricity. There are plans to build more dams to take advantage of its abundant water resources, but some people worry about how these dams will affect communities downstream.

Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock

Pakistan is an agriculture-based country and dams play a vital role in irrigation and agriculture. The construction of dams in Pakistan also helps in the development of livestock. In Pakistan, dams are constructed for the storage of water for irrigation and domestic and industrial use.

The main objective of these constructions is to control floods by holding back floodwaters during the monsoon season and releasing them gradually during the dry season. There are two kinds of dams: a run-of-the-river dam where only river water is impounded, and other type is Storage dam which stores both rainwater as well as river water.

Dams In Pakistan Under Construction

Pakistan is a country with many rivers and dams play an important role in controlling the flow of water. There are many benefits to having dams, including providing irrigation for crops, generating hydroelectric power, and reducing the risk of floods.

There are currently several dams under construction in Pakistan which will provide even more benefits to the country once they are completed. The most notable project is the Diamer-Bhasha Dam on the Indus River. Pakistan’s then Prime Minister laid the foundation stone in 1998.

List Of Under Construction Dams In Pakistan


Dam Province Construction Began
Kurram Tangi Dam KPK 2016
Dasu Dam KPK 2020
Mohmand Dam KPK 2019
Kalam Dam KPK  –
Othla Dam KPK  –
Jabba Dam KPK  –
Jalozai Dam KPK  –
Dadocha Dam Punjab  –
Nai Gaj Dam Sindh  –
Darawat Dam Sindh  –
Naulong Dam  Balochistan  –
Basha Dam Gilgit-Baltistan 2019


Dams Started By The PTI Government

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has started work on several dams across the country. The move is part of the PTI’s plan to increase the country’s water storage capacity. Many projects were announced by Imran Khan during his inaugural speech as Prime Minister, with some having been allocated funding through Chinese loans.

For the sake of future generations as well as averting climate change, the PTI government focused on building new dams in Pakistan. Numerous hydropower projects are being implemented, including Dasu and Diamer Bhasha dams.

In the last two years, the PTI government has completed 27 mega-dams after assuming power. The Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) has completed / laid off 27 dams with a storage capacity of 68,939 acre feet in various districts of Balochistan, an official source told APP.


Pakistan is a country that is highly dependent on agriculture. Agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of the population. To ensure a good yield, irrigation is essential. And for irrigation, water is necessary. This is where dams come in. Dams in Pakistan are used as water reservoirs and can store water from floods or rainfalls until it is needed for farming purposes.

There are many benefits of building dams; they have led to an increase in agricultural productivity and an increase in employment opportunities. Not only do they offer environmental advantages, but they also have socio-economic advantages such as providing clean drinking water and electricity (an important factor since much of the population lives without access to these services).

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