The Management of the Lahore District has Failed to Implement Reduced Rates


While the Lahore district management managed to reduce the prices in the official rates list after the change of government in order to demonstrate that they were controlling inflation, they completely failed to implement the reduced prices in Lahore.

Except for the poultry meat prices, which increased with the start of the wedding season, nearly all vegetables and fruit prices dropped sharply from last week. The weeding season begins at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

As the chicken weeding season began, prices of chicken meat rose sharply, followed by a gradual decline as supplies improved weeding increased.

As district management, however, shows its performance by reducing rates in official rates, which are also reported to the database. In actuality, the price list has not been used across the city. They openly admit that they bribed government officials and price control magistrates for price list violations.

In this way, they were refusing to sell fruits and vegetables at official prices. To make a complaint, they said to go anywhere as they were bribing so that no action could be taken against them. In terms of price violation and open overcharging, the change of government did not affect the public.

In addition, meat vendors in the city violate the city’s price list openly. Despite knowing about the problem, the district’s management has made no moves to rectify it.

During this week’s poultry market, the price of live birds was up 86 rs per kg, fixed at 316 rs per kg, and sold at 340-370 rs per kg; the price of chicken meat increased by 124 rs per kg, fixed at 458 rs per kg, and sold at 470-650 rs per kg.

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