Punjab Food Authority discarded 90-litre fake carbonated drinks

LAHORE: A raid by Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Sheikhupura Road on Tuesday unearthed a factory producing fake carbonated drinks of different popular brands. 90 litres of carbonated drinks were discarded in the raid.

The owner of the fake beverages factory has been charged with a criminal offence. In addition to 80,000 reels of fake labels, 12,000 lids, 12,000-liter empty bottles, and 50 kilograms of non-food-grade colours, PFA has also discarded 40,000 reels of fake labels.

As part of the raid, mixing and filling machines, as well as storage tanks and chemical drums, were confiscated. A fake drink was being prepared with artificial sweeteners, chemicals, loose colours, and contaminated water, according to PFA DG Shoaib Khan Jadoon.

According to him, consumers may develop cancer and ulcer disease from drinking drinks without formula. According to him, the PFA’s enforcement team discovered poor storage conditions, insects, and unhealthy conditions. Local stores in the market would sell fake bottles after fake packaging and labeling.

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