A new rainwater harvesting project is being developed by RDA

Rawalpindi : As part of its rainwater harvesting project, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is aiming to use millions of gallons of rainwater.

Having received assistance from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, RDA began a project to harvest rainwater.

According to him, the citizens of Rawalpindi were unaware of rainwater harvesting and its benefits for septic tanks, irrigation, and car wash stations.

Unless a proper rainwater management plan is in place, RDA will not approve new residential or commercial projects.

Rawalpindi is the second city in Punjab to have the project to collect rainwater, adding that, by implementing Rainwater Harvesting Plans by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, Rawalpindi will become the second city in Punjab to do so.

RDA launched the project last year and a local mosque acquired the system to save rainwater for ablution and then channelled the used water for irrigation in parks. Millions of gallons of rainwater have been utilized through this project instead of rainwater draining into Nullah Leh and other drains.

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