WASA creates an inclusive plan to end the shortage of water in Lahore

LAHORE: In the provincial capital, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) is developing a comprehensive plan to end the water shortage.

On Thursday, Wasa M Tanveer, Managing Director, discussed these concerns with Chaudhry Shahbaz, Member Provincial Assembly. The meeting was attended by all Directors and XENs of Wasa.

In a meeting with MPA Ch Shahbaz, Deputy MD Ghufran Ahmed briefed him on the progress of Wasa. Furthermore, he shared Wasa’s plans to deal with the water shortage problem with the meeting. DMD Wasa Ghufran Ahmed reported that the desalting process is monitored on a daily basis and that the pre-monsoon activities have already begun.

According to him, public representatives should help complete the schedule for desalting operations.

As part of MD Wasa’s directions, the Wasa officers were to check the water tightness of all dewatering sets daily and to keep the heavy machinery fully operational. Added to that, he instructed all directors to pay particular attention to the safety of the desalting staff.

Ch Shahbaz, a member of parliament, suggested that Wasa should deliver water tankers to water scarcity areas. Additionally, camps will be set up in low-lying areas for the monsoon season in 2022.

A second category consisted of employees on a scale 6 to 10. Jamshed Bashir was chosen from this group. M Tariq was the name used for Hajj by employees in the third category, ranging from a scale 11 to 16.

In the fourth category, the name of Javed Akhtar was drawn from Scale No. 17, among the employees there. Afterward, MD Wasa M Tanveer and MPA Ch Shahbaz distributed checks among Wasa employees for house repair in advance

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