Rawalpindi’s WASA proposes water projects worth Rs985 million

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RAWALPINDI: WASA plans to allocate Rs985 million for water-related projects in the new fiscal year, including up-grading 55 parks across the district, enhancing recreation zones, constructing underground storage reservoirs to store rainwater in parks, securing parks, protecting plants, and upgrading nurseries. All of these projects are expected to be completed within one year.

Here are the details of the total allocation.

A plan to upgrade the facility has been proposed for Rs 100 million

A multipurpose complex will be built in major parks for Rs 200 million.

The city will be beautified with 100 million rupees.

To construct new underground water tanks to store rainwater, Rs 200 million will be spent.

A total of Rs 125 million will be devoted to the replacement of old plants and the upgrading of nurseries.

For parks’ security, 100 million rupees will be spent.

Parks will receive Rs 100 million for new amusement zones.

Rs 60 million will be granted to Pothohar Park Dhok Manshi region for water projects.

PHA Chairman Asif Mehmood has proposed the budget to the Punjab government for approval. The number of patients in the hospitals will be fewer if there are more parks in the city. He added that PHA is working to increase the beautification of all major parks in Rawalpindi city. Moreover, there will be installed closed-circuit cameras for security.


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