The Ombudsman’s Prompt Action Resulted Reclaiming 43 Kanals

The Ombudsman's Prompt Action Resulted Reclaiming 43 Kanals

In Lahore: The timely involvement of Punjab’s Ombudsman Maj. Azam Suleman Khan (retd) was responsible for the restitution of state lands that encompassed 43 Kanals and were retrieved from unlawful occupiers in several districts across the province. A report that was published on April 1 served as the source for this news.

It was announced in a press statement that the overall valuation of the retrieved lands is greater than PKR 43 million, as stated in the facts. Citizens who were dissatisfied with illegal farming and encroachments on government property in their immediate vicinity sought remedy through the office of the Ombudsman, pushing for the removal of trespassers from areas that were controlled by the state.

These complaints prompted the provincial ombudsman to send directives to the affected assistant commissioners and municipal committee chairmen. These directives tasked the responsible individuals with the responsibility of retrieving state lands and subsequently submitting compliance reports to the central office.

The cumulative value of the lands that were recovered is estimated to be greater than 43 million rupees, according to a statement that was issued here on Sunday by the authorized spokesperson. The office of the Ombudsman received complaints from a variety of individuals regarding illegal farming and encroachments on government lands in their respective regions. These individuals also requested that the government lands be reclaimed from the ownership of the squatters.

Under these circumstances, the provincial ombudsman issued orders to the pertinent assistant commissioners and chief officers of municipal committees of the relevant districts, instructing them to retrieve the state lands and to submit their compliance reports to the office.

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