Today Events in the History – 12– Oct

Today Events in the History

1962-Columbus Day Storm

On 12th October 1962 strongest winds struck Northern California, Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia and wind gusts in excess of 145mph. The storm destroyed many of the things including the ten thousand trees and also affected the area of Washington and Oregon. With strong storms, people have to face heavy rain for 12 hours continuously. These scenes cause flooding and mud sliding. The total number of deaths due to these is 46 but their homes, property, and many more things get affected.

1966-Nobel Peace Prize

On 12th October 1966, the Nobel peace prize was awarded to the two American doctors for the medicine. They committed their lives to the diseases of Cancer and they both were from Francis Peyton Rous of  Rockefeller University in New York City and Charles B Huggins of the University of Chicago

1999 Pakistan Military Coup

On 12th October 1999, An army coup d’état led through General Pervez Musharraf deposes the elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and dismisses the countrywide and provincial legislative assemblies assumed the identity of Chief Executive and turns into Pakistan’s de facto head of presidency which he endured till he changed into compelled to surrender in 2008.

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