Today Events in the History – 11– Oct

Today Events in the History

1941-World War II German Offensive On Russia

Berlin today issued a statement saying that the massive offensive against Russia is almost over and that it now only takes one attack to take full control of the last English ally on the European continent. Many believe that while Russia’s fate is critical, as the Red Army is still a force with and as the  Russian winter cold begins in Russia, it will regain much of the lost ground.

1973-Middle East Arab Israeli War

October 11, 1973, the Arab-Israeli War is now on its sixth day, and Israeli ground forces crossed the agreed-upon ceasefire line after the 1967 6-Day War in commando attacks on the troops. . Meanwhile, Jordan, which is not currently involved in the war, can bow to other Arab countries to join the war and has been known to mobilize its troops on the Israeli border. US and Soviet involvement is currently with limited supplies, but fears that Israel will be overrun could mean a large-scale supply of weapons from the United States, leading to a similar supply from the Soviet Union. The latest Arab-Israeli war ended on day six, but it has much longer to go unless a diplomatic solution can be found.

1982- England The Mary Rose Raised

On October 11, 1982, the Mary Rose,  King Henry VIII’s battleship, surfaced after 437 years deep in the Solent. The ship’s mud-covered wooden remains have been successfully refitted and experts will begin the lengthy process of restoring the Mary Rose to a dry dock at Portsmouth.  Mary Rose is now part of the  Portsmouth Maritime Museum and, together with HMS Victory, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

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