Today History of the World – 08 – Oct


1912-Kingdom of Montenegro declared the war on the ottomans

On 8th October 1912, Montenegro declared the war on the Ottomans. The Kingdom of Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia were opponent one. The Balkan War was between the Ottomans and the Balkan League. This war was last for 7 months and in which as a result Ottomans lost. A huge impact was given by them as they lost territories in Europe. There were cases of mass murder of Muslims in the Ottomans Territories.

1983-USA Earthquake

On 8th October 1983, the USA earthquake occurred. Moderate earthquake 5.2 hits New York and Canada as well. This incident occurred in the morning when it was almost 6:19 am. People who were awake they feel it more. The waves in the water, shelves were moving, things were falling these were the effects.

2005-Kashmir Earthquake

On 8th October 2005 Earthquake occurred in Kashmir in Morning at 8:50 am. This earthquake affected the NWFP also and the impact was also shown on Afghanistan and India. 79,000 people were killed in this incident and a huge amount of buildings were collapsed.

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