Usman Buzdar has Announced Age Relaxation for PMS Candidates

Candidates for the Provincial Management Service (PMS) competitive test would be offered a two-year age relaxation, according to Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar. Similarly, candidates for other announced positions will be given the same opportunity. Thousands of candidates would gain benefit from this, as they are a tremendous asset to the country, according to the chief minister.

Furthermore, the CM stated in his statement that the UN Security Council provided Kashmiris the right to choose their future through a resolution passed on January 5, 1949, but that decision has yet to be implemented because of Indian arrogance. According to the Security Council’s resolution, the people of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir are hoping for a peaceful settlement of the core issue of Kashmir. Unfortunately, Kashmiris are writing history with their blood to secure their legal rights, he said, adding that Pakistan will continue to provide complete support to the Kashmiris. Salutes from Pakistan to their Kashmiri brothers and sisters who continue to be victims of India’s horrific misdeeds in the valley.

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