Why Someone Should Invest In Star Avenue Focusing On ROI And Benefits?

The experience of having a home is one of the greatest feelings we can experience. There are many options available when it comes to choosing where you want your dream home to be built. Meanwhile, Star Avenue Rabia Residency, which is going to be built near New Islamabad Airport, is the newest housing development. You will also enjoy a convenient, convenient location that is filled with hi-tech facilities in this modern housing venture that boasts leading-edge technology.

Pakistan’s families are starting to prioritize investing in housing societies for their future homes over the past decade. They are also more grateful for living in a housing society than in an independent home. Even those who choose to live independently are becoming more interested in gated communities. The Star Avenue Rabia Residency is designed to be a modern, affordable housing project, which is for those who would like to purchase a plot of land for a residence.

Benefits & Investment Opportunities in Star Avenue

Star-Avenue_ Urban LookThe majority of both local and foreign buyers prefer to purchase houses in Pakistan owned by prominent developers to ensure their investment is safe. They can also expect to make more profits from their investment if they purchase houses under these developers. People who want to invest in short-term properties usually buy properties in established developments, while those with long-term investment plans buy properties in developing communities.

Star Avenue offers a number of opportunities and reasons why should you invest in this remarkable housing scheme. It’s an incredibly unique opportunity to get the home of your dreams at an excellent location by buying a property on Star Avenue. The area has been developed with numerous residential plots, making it one of the most desired areas as well. Housing societies located in prime locations provide access into the land of the ultra-luxurious living.

As a result of the brand-new Islamabad International Airport, the whole appearance of the region has changed, as well as the boundaries of residential areas in both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Due to capital flowing into the CPEC path, land prices have increased along with the rapid development of the region.

In order to develop a successful home enterprise, multiple specialties work together. Star Enclave is offering its residential plots at the lowest price time since its launch. The public housing society can rightfully be called a residential venture of the people due to its extremely reasonable booking amount and effortless and easy payment plans.

Star Avenue Rabia Residency is NOC Approved

Star-Avenue_ Approved Scheme

In accordance with the state cooperative department’s circular, cooperative housing societies have been instructed to issue members no-objection certificates (NOCs) within a particular period. Originally called Rouba Residence, the Star Enclave Housing Project had already been approved and given planning permission by TMA Potohar, which falls under the Rawalpindi Development Authority. This housing scheme also has approval for its plans and design, and it is designed to provide maximum open space and amenities to residents.

Sizes of Residential plots

Star-Avenue_ Residential PlotsStar Avenue Rabia Residency offers many sizes of residential plots, making it possible for people to choose whatever size they prefer according to their requirements. These plot sizes include 3 Marlas, 5 Marla,7 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal.

Outstanding Features of Star Avenue Rabia Residency?

Housing schemes are more popular in Pakistan than single-family homes. Providing all amenities and a peaceful environment is what Pakistan’s people seek. To obtain the best living environment in Pakistan, it is very important to select a good housing scheme. The scams and frauds related to property should also be reduced.

Here are some features of Star Avenue

  • The environment is eco-friendly

Society is designed so that natural resources can be protected. The environmentally friendly nature of their work ensures no disturbance of the natural surroundings. The result is an environment of tranquillity and calm in the Rabia Enclave where residents can enjoy traditional Arabic culture.

  • Management of resources

According to the master strategy of Star Enclave, the infrastructure of the society will be built in a manner that boosts the natural capabilities of the community while keeping the evolution as eco-friendly as possible. Among the essential needs within the innovative home, strategy is the complex sound waste management approach as well as the modern source of electricity.

  • The infrastructure of the highest standard

In an attempt to ensure motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and other freedom seekers have access to the housing society’s transportation system, the organization is working to achieve a sustainable transportation system. Our society will be presenting the most efficient transportation infrastructure.

  • Living comfortably and of high quality

Within the housing society, the culture serves as a key element for producing a resilient societal environment. In addition to providing quality and affordable living, the society will evolve into a commercial hub, recreational centre, and residential destination.

  • Security Services That Top The Charts

Star-Avenue Security Services

Star Avenue offers reassurance of a safe living environment using modern security methods. In this gated community, the border wall is likely to be included. CCTV networks, security guards, and surveillance systems will safeguard citizens throughout the day and night.

  • Shopping Arenas

Star-Avenue Shopping Area

The Star Avenue Rabia Residency will feature different shopping places to satisfy all your shopping needs. As well as shops in these commercial complexes, a main retail complex will likely be present for the occupants to purchase their essential household accessories under one roof.

  • The Entertainment Center

Star-Avenue_ Fun Center

It is so boring, dry, and stressful to live a life without pleasure and entertainment. In order to solve the issue, the hosing society has created a fun centre in the boundaries of the project, so that you and your dearest family can spend a stress-free time together. Playgrounds, banquet halls, cafeterias, and sports facilities are included in the project, which will serve as recreational and social spaces.

  • Lakes and Parks

Star-Avenue_ Lakes & Parks

A residential strategy based on green living has been developed for Star Avenue Rabia Residency. The property is going to have several lush green parks along the perimeter, as well as a stunning pond. Our main goal is to make an all-organic green and refreshing ambience.

Star Avenue Payment Plan

There are already pre-launch bookings for residential plots with initial prices and three-year instalment plans made easy with monthly and semi-annual payments. In the pre-launching phase, there are a limited number of residential plots available. The project pricing will be revised shortly after the housing society’s launching ceremony.

Here is the payment plan

Star Avenue Payment Plan Details


Taking a look at all the features and facilities provided by this society, it is clear that the Rabia enclave will undoubtedly be one of the most successful housing communities in the area. An investment policy for the long term, with an optimum return on investment, is certainly a wise strategy to implement. If you want to know more details about this amazing housing society, you can visit Property Buy-Rent.

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