29-Oct-1971-John Elliotson Born


On 29th October 1971, John Elliotson was born. He was a multitalented man with different expertise. He was the principal opponent who perform the brutal and fatal experiments. He was the Professor of the practice of medicine and principals at the University College of London. He is also a senior physician at university college. The English Physician invented and told the usage of hypnosis in the therapy.

He also found the mesmeric hospital in 1849. John Elliotson was the first teacher in London who emphasize clinical lecturing. The special thing about him was that he was the earliest British Physician to urge the usage of the stethoscope while examining the lungs and heart. In 1827 he published a series of results on the treatment of forty-two cases of rheumatism by acupuncture.

In 1834 he became the physician in the University College Hospital, where his interest in hypnosis led to conflicts with the hospital’s medical committee, and as a result, he resigned in 1838.

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