1st November – Independence Day of Gilgit Baltistan


On 1st November Gilgit Baltistan, the community celebrates independence from the rule of the Kashmir Dogras family. In the bloody freedom war, the Gilgit was liberated on 1st November 1947 and Baltistan get freedom in 1948. In spite of the protest of India and some Kashmiris who are part of the Gilgit and Baltistan did not listen. There is a small community in Kashmir which are not fully defined on the map were also not agreed to be part of the Jammu and Kashmir. This is the biggest reason for the conflict between Pakistan and India since its independence in 1947.

It is educational to glance back at history to get why. Before the independence, the present-day Gilgit and Baltistan were part of the Jammu and Kashmir. In 1846 the state was created by signing between the Gulab Singh of the Dogra Dynasty and the British. Four units are present in Jammu and Kashmir,  the province of Kashmir, the province of Jammu, the district of Gilgit, and the district of Ladakh.

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