3 November 2007- A State of Emergency was Declared by President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf

General-Musharraf imposed emergency

Parvez Musharaf imposed the rules of emergency by plunging nuclear power to the triggering and crisis from all around the world. The action to support the flagging action he quotes is that the Islamic militancy response Government is paralyzed by judicial interference. He also said that his country’s power is at stake. The bad impact happened in such a sense that radio stations, televisions were taken off the air, lawyers and judges got arrested and the army was poured in the streets.

The chief justice was fired by Musharraf and the powerful movement against him was taken by Muhammad Ifthikhar. Soldiers were entered into the supreme court where the Chaudary and other six judges stated that Musharaf order provisional constitution was illegal. The main street in central Islamabad was sealed by the police. Private networks went off the air and the signals of mobile phones were restricted. Shots were also heard by the neighborhoods of Karachi. There is strong support for former prime minister and opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, who was in Dubai on a personal visit on Thursday. As she returned to Pakistan last night, she immediately denounced Musharraf’s move as dictatorial. In short, there were so many bad impacts that were faced by everyone.

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