4 Nov – Paris Agreement for Climate


The Paris Agreement enters into force on November 4, 2015. The deal, which represents a broad worldwide commitment to decrease carbon emissions, was a watershed moment in human history with the earth’s climate. The agreement’s goal was to limit global average temperatures from increasing more than 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels by cutting carbon emissions.

When the world’s major emitters, China, the United States, the European Economic Area, and India, all agreed to establish new carbon reduction targets, it was momentous. The Paris Climate Agreement received enough signatures to go into force on November 4 after the European Union approved the treaty on October 5. People throughout the world, as well as the representatives who signed it, praised the agreement as a historic win for the environment. The Paris Agreement is a turning point in the international climate change process because it is the first time that a binding agreement unites all nations together in a common cause to reduce carbon emissions and adapt to its repercussions. After this agreement, Carbon neutrality targets are being set by an increasing number of governments, cities, and businesses. Zero-carbon solutions are becoming more competitive across a variety of economic sectors that account for 25% of total emissions.

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