A Rs. 42 Billion Breakwater Project Is Expected To Be Approved By Pakistan And China

According to reliable sources here, the Prime Minister will sign a Framework Agreement regarding the construction of a breakwater at Gwadar Port, valued at approximately Rs. 42 billion.

Pakistan and China have signed a Framework Agreement on the Development of Breakwater at Gwadar Port, which was approved by the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan through circulation. Gwadar Port will expand with a breakwater project worth Rs. 42.19 billion as part of its future expansion plans.

According to an official source, the Governments of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are actively pursuing the CPEC-related Gwadar Projects to implement the strategic arrangements of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and “China Pakistan Economic Corridor.” The Gwadar Projects benefit both countries, according to an official source.

In order to develop the Port’s Eastern berths, a breakwater must be built at Jebel-e-Nuh in order to provide tranquil berthing conditions. In 2032, the breakwater project will be completed after 10 years of implementation.

In the PM’s visit, a Framework Agreement is likely to be signed between the two countries to initiate a feasibility study for the construction of a breakwater at Gwadar Port, prepare PC-1, and construct the breakwater, the source added.

By building this breakwater, we will provide ample marine protection against waves, monsoonal swells, and meet limiting wave conditions (allowable) that make berthing safe. Also, we plan to operate cargo as well as other functions during construction and operation of the 4.8 km East Bay development proposed for Gwadar Port, Eastbay Fishing Boats Basin, future ship service facilities and bunkering facilities, proposed Naval Basin, and existing multipurpose wharf.

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