Availability of Houses For Sale in Lahore – 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal


Lahore is not only Pakistan’s second-largest city but also the cultural and economic hub of the country. It has a unique blend of Mughal, Persian, and Central Asian cultures and architecture and it’s an amazing location to explore. Having a home in this city is the dream of many people. There are a lot of houses for sale available in Lahore. In this article, we will provide you with a complete list of housing properties in Lahore.

Cultural & Geographical Importance of Lahore

Lahore is one of the most important cities in Pakistan. It has a population of more than 13.09 million people and is home to some of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. Hundreds of years ago, Lahore was at the crossroads between what are now India and China, so it has always been an important trading hub for goods like silk, spices, and wool. It was once considered the “Paris of Asia” with its beautiful gardens.

The city of Lahore is the cultural heart of Pakistan. It’s a beautiful, bustling metropolis that offers visitors plenty to see and do. The people are friendly, diverse, and open to foreigners. The population includes people from various backgrounds, regions, and religions. As one of the oldest cities in South Asia, Lahore has been home to many cultures that have added their own unique flavour to this city’s rich history.

Lahori cuisine is an intermixture of Pakistani Punjabi food with influences from Mughal cooking styles as well as local recipes created by Afghan traders who settled here centuries ago. This diverse mix can be seen in dishes like haandi ki chutney – a sweet-and-sour mango condiment – which reflects both Punjabi and There are also many Western-style eateries including McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King.

Current Status of Housing Opportunities in Lahore!

Housing in Lahore is a central issue, especially for low-income persons. As cities are growing quickly to support the demands of an increasing population, housing production is lagging behind, driving prices up. The housing market in Lahore has become very volatile over the past few years. Only 40% of people living in Lahore own their homes (the national average is 70%).

Real estate prices in Lahore will most likely continue to fluctuate with political unrest and overall market sentiment, so it is important for people who are looking for houses for sale in Lahore not to spend beyond their means. Government policies have not been very helpful thus far in making homes more affordable for the common man in Lahore.

Which Houses Are Available For Sale in Lahore?

Are you a resident of Lahore or out of Lahore and looking to buy a property in the city? The number of houses available for sale is quite large, especially if you’re looking to pick one up within your budget. So how do you choose from all those options? Well, let’s take a look at some factors that will help you make an informed decision.

First, you will need to take a look at the various options available in the housing market today. Some of the best deals are often found outside city limits, but if you insist on living within Lahore, then here are some points that might help you narrow down your list of choices.

For starters, there are hundreds of housing societies in Lahore that are offering properties for sale. The gates restrict entry and exit for non-residents during certain hours set by the community’s management committee. Each colony is still different from one another as far as their rules and regulations go, so it is important that you read through them carefully before moving into one such neighbourhood or townhouse complex.

When it comes to houses size in Lahore, there are multiple sizes of plots and houses are available for sale. These sizes include 3 marlas, 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 15 marlas, 1 kanal, and 2 kanal houses and plots. There are various housing societies and other areas of Lahore where these plots and houses can be found. One can buy anything in accordance with his/her budget and needs.

8 Marla Houses For Sale in Lahore

8-Marla house for sale in lahore

Homes with 8 marlas are a good option for those seeking to purchase a medium-size house. Based on their designs, these houses usually have three to four bedrooms, two to three bathrooms, a flexible drawing room, one to two stories, and outdoor living space. Choosing a house of this size might be the best choice if you need a considerable amount of living space, but still want to keep it manageable. It is likely to be sufficient for smaller families, with the option of expanding if necessary.

Here is the list of societies where 8 marla houses are available for sale in Lahore.

  • Revenue Society Lahore
  • Punjab Coop Housing Society Lahore
  • Valencia Housing Society
  • Green City Lahore
  • Divine Gardens Lahore
  • DHA Rahbar, Phase 9, Phase 8 y block
  • Bahria Town
  • Johar Town
  • Military Accounts Housing Society
  • Bahria Orchard
  • Nawab Town
  • Bismillah Housing Scheme
  • Abdalians Housing Society
  • State Life Housing Society

These are the housing societies where 8 marla houses are available for sale in Lahore. You can choose any one that is suitable for your living.

10 Marla Houses For Sale in Lahore

10-Marla house for sale in lahore

Have you been looking for a spacious, yet not too overwhelming home? You will be pleased to know that the 10 marla house in Lahore offers just what your heart desires. These houses provide enough space and offer three-five bedrooms with attached baths on each floor! It is perfect if the balance between comfortability and elegant features are important qualities when purchasing a property.

Here is the list of societies where 10 marla houses are available for sale in Lahore.

  • Pak Arab Housing Scheme
  • Al Rehman Phase 2
  • Revenue Society
  • DHA Phase 8
  • Hajvery housing scheme
  • Expo Avenue Society
  • Bahria Town, Overseas B
  • LDA Avenue
  • Park View City
  • Lake City
  • Askari 11
  • Formanites Housing Scheme
  • OPF
  • Architects Engineering Housing Society
  • Military Accounts
  • Paragon City
  • Alpha Society
  • Fazaia Housing Scheme
  • New Super Town
  • Central Park

This category includes homes with at least three bedrooms but can include properties with up to five bedrooms. 10 marla houses are designed and built according to a wide range of styles and designs. If any of the above-mentioned societies is suitable for your living, you can choose from them.

20 Marla (1 Kanal) Houses For Sale in Lahore
1-Kanal house for sale in lahore

Some people prefer living in bigger houses that have more area. These houses have always been the dream of many, but now with all our modern amenities and luxuries at hand, it’s easy to see why owning 1 kanal house in Lahore can be such an important decision for any individual or family looking forward to their long term plans – as well as being quite stressful if you’ve never bought your own home before.

Here is the list of societies where 1 kanal houses are available for sale in Lahore.

  • DHA
  • Air Avenue
  • TECH
  • Bankers avenue
  • Canal garden
  • Izmir Town
  • LDA Avenue
  • Lake City Lahore
  • Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore
  • AWT
  • Nespak Scheme Phase 3
  • Valencia Housing Society Lahore
  • EME

A 1 Kanal House in Lahore is perfect for those who want to stand out in their neighbourhood. With four or more bedrooms with attached bathrooms, plus an attached garage space; this property has everything you need! A great outdoor area of grassy lawns can be found alongside your backyard garden helping keep it looking green year-round.

2 Kanal Houses For Sale in Lahore

2-Kanal house for sale in lahore2 kanal houses for sale in Lahore are only for those who prefer living in wider houses. If you are having a good budget, then you can easily buy a 2 kanal house in Lahore. Most 2 kanal homes come equipped with 6 bedrooms with attached bathrooms plus one servant room or another place like garage parking spot available too.

Here is the list of societies where 2 kanal houses are available for sale in Lahore.

  • DHA
  • UET housing society
  • Canal garden
  • Model town
  • Defence Raya
  • Valencia Housing Society Lahore
  • HBFC
  • Izmir Town
  • PGECHS Phase 2
  • Central Park Lahore
  • Lake City Lahore
  • Chinar Bagh
  • Askari 10 Lahore

Research has proven that having a bigger house can actually make you happier. Contrary to popular belief that large homes lead to dissatisfaction and depression, it appears that most people tend to find their perfect balance when they live in a home with at least four bedrooms and two bathrooms. By having more space, you can easily adapt your home to fit your lifestyle and it will be easier for you to personalize the decor according to your own tastes.

We hope you found this blog post for houses for sale in Lahore to be informative. Let us know your feedback in the comments section below!

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