Punjab Government Approved 9 New Development Schemes Worth Rs18 Billion


LAHORE: Approximately Rs18.767 billion will be spent on nine development schemes approved by the Punjab government on Monday.

The Planning & Development Board Chairman Abdullah Khan Sumbal presided over the 35th Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) meeting of fiscal year 2022-23, which approved the schemes.

Development schemes approved by the council included the following:

A total of Rs872.516 million was spent on the provision of overhead pedestrian crossing facilities in different parts of Lahore.

An estimated Rs5,304.465 million will be spent on the rehabilitation and improvement of Saggian Road in Lahore (Revised).

The project consists of widening and improving MM Road from Tibbi Morr to Chor Wala Morr, Sargodha Road via village Chor Wala (Phase I) in the district of Mianwali at a cost of Rs788.99 million.

Rs7,285.422 million will be spent on constructing a road connecting Lahore Ring Road with Kasur Bypass via Ladhekay, Rao Khan Wala and Gaggar Village, a distance of 47.00 kilometers.

At a cost of Rs1,791.542 million, land is being acquired for construction of a road linking Lahore Ring Road with the Kasur Bypass via Ladhekay, Rao Khan Wala, and Gaggar Village. The length of the road is 47.00 km.

At a cost of Rs1,111.094 million, an underpass will connect Babu Sabu Intersection with Tallat Park, as well as the existing subway will be dualized.

This project involves rehabilitation and construction of 20.76 km long road between Piplan Harnol and Degree College Kundian in Tehsil Piplan, District Mianwali, at a cost of Rs502.320 million.

Approximately 11.25 km of road between Tuti Bun Chowk and Bhagwal, in the district of Chakwal, was rehabilitated, improved, and upgraded at a cost of Rs521.187 million.

At a cost of Rs589.793 million, the Main Barki Road was dualised from the Lahore School of Economics to the BRB Canal Bridge, Lahore.

In addition to the Provincial Secretary of the Planning & Development Board, representatives of other provincial departments attended the meeting.


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