Be Sure About Your Parcel’s Destination with Islamabad Postal Codes

Be Sure About Your Parcel’s Destination with Islamabad Postal Codes


Accuracy is of the utmost importance in the fast-paced world of contemporary logistics. Just picture yourself shipping a vital package to Islamabad and then discovering it got lost in the maze of streets. But don’t worry! we’ve got you. Your package will arrive at its destination on time and without a hitch when you use these Islamabad postal codes to confidently send it.

You may rest easy knowing that your packages will arrive safely at their destination, no matter where you are in Pakistan, thanks to these codes that unlock the postal system’s effectiveness. Let’s look at how this simple but powerful system of postal codes islamabad.

What Are Postal Codes and What Purpose Do They Serve?

Numerological or alphabetical identifiers given to distinct regions are called postal codes, ZIP codes, or postcodes. Postal employees and delivery services in Islamabad use these codes as exact location markers, making their jobs easier due to the city’s complex layout.

The distribution and sorting of mail is made easier with the use of postal codes, which correspond to specific areas, districts, or sectors within the city.

How Postal Codes Islamabad Affect Mail Delivery

Postal codes in Islamabad are extremely important. These codes offer a structured way to classify addresses in a city with a varied neighborhood makeup and a vast metropolitan landscape. To guarantee that packages arrive at their destinations quickly and correctly, senders include postal codes Islamabad in mailing addresses. When it comes to the postal service, postal codes in Islamabad help with resource allocation, which in turn optimizes delivery routes and minimizes delays.

List of Postal Codes of Islamabad

Following is a list of postal codes of Islamabad:

Area Name

Postal Code

Ali Pur Frash 45600
Bagnial 45240
Bara Kau 45400
Chirah 45680
Golra 45200
Herdogher 45800
Islamabad Aiwan-e-Saddar 44040
Islamabad Allama Iqbal Open University  44310
Islamabad B-Block Pak Secretariat  44020
Islamabad Cabinet Block  44030
Islamabad E-9 (Air HQ) 44230
Islamabad F-7 Markaz   44210
Islamabad F-8 Markaz  44220
Islamabad Federal Board  44320
Islamabad GPO 44000
Islamabad G-10 Markaz  44100
Islamabad G-5 Foreign Office 44050
Islamabad G-8 Markaz 44080
Islamabad G-9 Markaz 44090
Islamabad Hajj Complex 45210
Islamabad I-10 Markaz 44800
Islamabad I-8/4 44790
Islamabad National Health Laboratories 45500
Islamabad Prime Minister Secretariat 44010
Islamabad Quaid-e-Azam University 45320
Kuri 45570
Lohi Bher 45710
Mara Jaffar 45250
Model Town Humak  45700
Nilore 45650
Noorpur Shahan 45300
Pakistan Town (Korang Town) 45720
Rawal Town 45510
Rewat 45900
Shah Allah Ditta 45220
Sihala 45750
Sohan 45740
Tarlai Kalan 45550
Tarnol 45230

Benefits of using Postal Codes

Here are some benefits of using postal codes:

  1. Postal codes provide exact delivery by giving particular location identifiers, lowering the possibility of misdelivery or misplaced items; accurate addressing is essential.
  2. By using postal codes, postal services may optimize delivery routes, reducing delivery times and maximizing resource allocation.
  3. Postal codes simplify sorting by allowing postal employees to more precisely classify and process packages.
  4. Improving Tracking: With the use of postal codes, package tracking systems can be set up, so both the sender and the recipient can see how their packages are doing in real time.
  5. Postal codes greatly decrease the possibility of mistakes and delays in mail delivery, which improves the reliability of the service.
  6. Postal codes help increase customer satisfaction and faith in the postal service by guaranteeing on-time and accurate delivery.
  7.  They help standardize the method for addressing mail, which facilitates the sending and receiving of packages on a global scale.


By exploring their practical uses in Islamabad’s ever-changing environment and learning about their significance and purpose. We have discovered the transforming power of postal codes in assuring correct and timely delivery. Now that you have a complete list of postal codes of Islamabad and know how they work. You can confidently traverse the complexities of Pakistan’s capital city.

You can be confident that Islamabad postal codes will be a reliable resource the next time you need to send a box. This will guarantee that your delivery will arrive at its destination quickly and safely. The path your package takes is more than just a delivery. It is evidence of the efficiency and accuracy of Islamabad’s postal system, with each code acting as a guiding light of trustworthiness.

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