Unlock the City’s Address with Lahore Postal Codes

Unlock the City's Address with Lahore Postal Codes


Getting around the busy streets of the urban area of Lahore can be extremely difficult at times, comparable to venturing into unexplored zones without a dependable navigational tool. Lahore Postal Codes, however, are an essential aid in this chaotic environment.

Imagine traveling the city’s complex network with ease, finding your way to different locations with constant accuracy. The Lahore postal codes are essential navigational aids that help navigate the city’s vibrant urban environment, including well-known landmarks and thriving commercial centers.

In this article, we will uncover the intricacies of Lahore’s address system, guiding you through the city with ease, one postal code at a time.

Understanding Postal Codes Lahore and How They Work

Postal codes, often called ZIP codes or postcodes, are a system of numerical identifiers allocated to addresses to facilitate the efficient delivery of mail within certain geographic areas.

In heavily crowded urban areas like Lahore, their role is particularly important in ensuring proper addressing and accelerating postal services.

The postal code system in Lahore is organized using numerical digits that represent various parts of the city. To facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail and packages. All postal codes of Lahore break down a certain area or locality.

The goal of the system is to create separate postal zones in Lahore so that mail may be distributed in a more organized fashion. Businesses, government entities, and individuals all rely on Lahore’s postal codes for navigation and correspondence.

Working Mechanism of Postal Codes Lahore

To fully understand these codes, it is necessary to comprehend their structure and meaning. Postal codes in Lahore generally consist of a sequence of digits, with each digit representing distinct data about the geographical area.

The initial few digits indicate more general administrative divisions or districts within the city of Lahore. Whereas the following digits designate more specific localities or neighborhoods. As an example, a postal code commencing with “54” could designate a district in Lahore. Whereas the subsequent digits work to narrow the geographical area to the exact locality within that district.

Implementing this hierarchical framework of postal codes in Lahore helps individuals accurately figure out addresses and locations throughout the city. Thereby streamlining communication and navigation throughout the urban landscape.

List of Lahore Areas Postal Codes

Now that you know all about postal codes in Lahore. Let’s take a look at the extensive compilation of Lahore area postal codes a details of which are as follows:

Post Office                                                                                                                                Postal Code

A.I Town Npo (Cpol -1199) 05425
Adda Chabeel Po 05463
Agriculture House Po 05467
Allama Iqbal Road Po 05468
Amer Sidhu Po 05449
Azam Po 05430
Badami Bagh Po 05412
Baghbanpura Npo 05460
Balloki 55210
Barki 53200
Bilal Gunj Po 05461
Cg Office Po 05456
Chah Miran 54900
Chah Miran Npo 05471
Chowk Ichhra(Cpol-825) 05306
Chowk Qurtaba Po 05402
Chuburgi Garden Estate Po 05488
Chuhang 53800
Daroghawala Po 05472
Data Gunj Buksh Po 05413
Data Nagar Po 05414
Dharampura Po 05478
Dholanwal Po 05485
Dsps South Divn Lahore Po 05302
Ep Centre Sadar Bazar Npo 05432
Faisal Town Po 05303
Faiz Bagh Po 05473
Ferozpur Road Po 05305
Flatties Hotel Po 05415
Fortress Stadium Po 05433
Gor Estate Po 05403
Gulab Devi Hospital Po 05307
Gulberg Po 05459
Gulberg Colony Npo 05457
Gulberg N. Po (Cpol-1318) 05458
Gunj Moghal Pura Po 05479
High Court Po 05404
Ichhra Po 05308
Islampura Po 05405
Jahangir Town Po 05452
Jallo 53500
Kamyab Po 05417
Kamyab Npo 05416
Kasurpura Po 05481
Kot Lakhpat Po 05450
Kpar Po 05462
L.C.C.H Society Po 05454
L.C.C.H Society Npo 05455
Lahore Airport Lsg 05436
Lahore Airport Npo(Batch-I) 05437
Lahore Airport Npo(Batch-Ii) 05438
Lahore Aitcheson College 54030
Lahore Alflah 54020
Lahore Allama Iqbal Town 54570
Lahore Awan Colony 54780
Lahore Baghbanpura 54920
Lahore Bahria Town 53720
Lahore E.M.E Society P.O 53710
Lahore Engineering University 54890
Lahore Gpo 54000
Lahore Gpo Npo 05401
Lahore Kohinoor Energy 55160
Lahore Kutchery Po 05418
Lahore Multan Road Post Office 54500
Lahore New University Campus 54590
Lahore Pmg Punjab Post Office 54560
Lahore Pt & T Audit 54550
Lahore Punjab Governor House 54880
Lahore Secondary Board 54650
Lahore Shadman Women Model P.O 54610
Lakshmi Chowk Po 05419
M Block Model Town Po 05304
Madina Chok Post Office 05406
Manga Mandi 55270
Mansoora 54790
Mansoora Npo 05427
Margazar Colony Po 05487
Masjid Khalid Po 05439
Mehboob Booti (Cpol 1388) 05464
Misri Shah Po 05474
Mochi Gate Po 05420
Moghalpura 54840
Mozang Po 05411
Multan Road Po 05490
Multan Road Npo 05489
N.U Campus Npo 05428
Nabi Pura Po 05480
Naulakha 54010
Naulakha Npo 05469
New Fruit Market Po 05498
New Garden Town N. Po (Cpol-1100) 05309
Niaz Beg Thokar 53700
Nishat Colony Po 05440
Nishtar Colony Po 05441
Ordinance Depot Po 05434
Pakistan Mint Po 05465
Pakistan Times Po 05421
Pakki Thatti Po 05493
Punjab University (Old Campus) Po 05422
Qarshi Dawa Khana Po 05494
R.A Bazar Po 05442
Race Course Road Po 05407
Railway Headquarter Hsg 05470
Raiwind 55150
Rang Mahal Npo 05445
Rang Mahal Po 05446
Rasool Park Po 05310
Rehman Pura Po 05311
Rehman Pura Po 05497
Rewaz Garden 54510
River View, Lahore 54784
Rotary Centre(Cpol-1347) 05312
Rustom Sohrab Cycle Factory Po 05483
S&S Ep Centre Po 05492
Sabzazar 54572
Saddar Bazar Po 05435
Samanabad Po 05301
Samanabad Npo 05495
Sanda Po 05453
Services Po 05443
Session Court Po 05408
Shad Bagh Po 05475
Shadman Colony Npo 05410
Shadman Colony Po 05409
Shah Alam Market 54100
Shah Alam Market Npo 05447
Shah Noor Po 05486
Shahdara Bagh 54950
Shahdra Bagh Npo 05484
Shahdra Town Po 05482
Shahdra Town Po 05429
Shahi Mohallah 54110
Shalimar Town Po 05466
Sher Shah Colony Po 05499
Sodiwal Po 05491
Sultan Pura Po 05476
Taj Company Po 05424
Taj Company Npo 05423
Timber Market 54120
V R Institute Po 05431
Wahdat Colony Po 05313
Walton Po 05444
Wapda Town Po 05426
Wassanpura Po 05477


Now that you know all about Lahore postal codes and how they work. You’ve obtained a complete list of Lahore area postal codes. You can confidently explore the city. So, whether you’re a resident seeking to simplify daily commutes or a business aiming to optimize delivery routes. Our article about Lahore Postal Codes will offer you a reliable solution in no time.

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