CDA chairman held a meeting on water supply


Islamabad: During a meeting of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Tuesday, it was announced that over 45 million gallons (MGD) of water are currently consumed every day within the federal capital.

During the meeting, the water supply directorate announced that after repairing 14 tube wells and operating 18 new tube wells, along with repairing about 1,000 leakages, they added 15 MGD of water to the supply system.

The consumers were already receiving 20 MGD of water from Simly Dam, 9 MGD from Khanpur Dam, and 2 MGD from Rawal Dam (another 2 MGD to be added in the next few days).

In addition to the four MGD that was already supplied, another four MGD will also be added to make the total 50 MGD.

AMER ALI, Chairman of the CDA, has instructed the officials concerned to make all the water tanks operational and repair water leaks.


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