CDA and FWO aim to complete Rawal Dam Flyover by September

To meet the deadline of completing the work within four months, Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Frontier Works Organization (FWO) revived the Rawal Dam Flyover Chowk project.

The CDA revived the project in response to the prime minister’s instructions, and we expect to meet the deadline of September. He pointed out that the base course for the slip road towards the Serena Hotel had been completed.

It is a major slip road that has been completed as a major part of the project. As for balance works, CDA sources said that FWO has been mobilised and will be in full force by the end of May to complete the project before the specified deadline.

In addition to the Islamabad Highway, FWO has been contracting for Gulberg to Railway Bridge as well as Korang Bridge. The CDA management has given the FWO the entire stretch from Gulberg to Rewat because partial interventions may not yield the desired results.


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