Dredging of Nullah Leh begins in Rawalpindi by WASA

Rawalpindi: On Monday, the district administration directed WASA to de-silt and dredge Nullah Leh as part of its annual dredging program.

In his view, the annual dredging and de-silting works of Nullah Leh have begun from the Gawalmandi Bridge, according to WASA Managing Director (MD) Raja Shoukat Mehmood.

When inspecting the Nullah Leh cleaning work at Gawalmandi, the MD mentioned that the Punjab government had provided a grant of Rs30 million toward the Nullah Leh cleaning work.

A team from WASA (Rawalpindi) would work to clean the drains in Katarian, Murree Road, and the surrounding areas. Under and around the bridges, obstructions to the flow of water would be removed.

Before the monsoon season begins, he said we would be finished with cleaning Nullah Leh. Moreover, WASA plans to clean sewerage lines, clean Nullah Leh annually, and inspect WASA machinery for monsoon 2022, as it does every year.

As a result of solid waste being thrown and dumped in Nullah Leh, the flow of Nullah is hindered, resulting in flooding during the monsoon.

During his instructions to the authorities concerned, the DC Rawalpindi noted that the drains should be cleaned on time, in order to save Rawalpindi from flood destruction.


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