Forests and Wildlife will be Monitored by Drones Acquired by the CDA

The City council has decided to buy a drone camera to monitor wildlife and forests.  As a pilot project,  CDA has announced a bid to buy a state-of-the-art drone camera for Rs. 6.8 million for Malpur’s Model Forest Lee Park.  Drones can detect interference in forest areas and help them take timely action against intruders. Similar to the camera is wildlife found in the forests of Islamabad. It also helps identify species and helps identify migratory wildlife, CDA said in a press release on Sunday. It can be used for other means such as the prevention of illegal logging. Other issues, including wildfires, may also be identified and addressed at the appropriate time.


Sources said the  Model Forestry Park was developed under the supervision of Conservation Cell Director Lanata Hirumahmud, who is working to master the park’s drone technology. They said the park was developed on 350 hectares and so far 50,000 trees have been planted during the 13th season of the CDA. Citizens officials also said they are planning to install more than 100 TV cameras to install in the park to protect plants and visitors, CDA officials said.



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