LDA hands Over 122 Canals to the Health Department for the Hospital

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has provided the land of 122 canals, once the market for Kot Lakpat’s fruits and vegetables, to the Department of Medical Education (SH & MED) for the construction of a 100-bed hospital. Dawn learned that the agency did this after selling land in a prime location on Ferozepur Road near Arfa Kareem Technology Park to the province for more than Rs 2 billion. Various public and private sector organizations have expressed interest in acquiring this valuable land after the business relocated to the newly established fruit and vegetable market in Kacha village near Hardiara drain on Ferozepur Road in 2011. But LDA didn’t sell it to anyone. However, she found a suggestion from a specialized health department to buy appropriate land. According to the LDA, at a meeting in August this year, the governing body will eventually hold physical property prior to February 1, 2022, subject to a deposit of Rs 2,033 million in the institution’s bank account. Approved the transfer.

Therefore, the ministry issued a written promise through a planning officer that land costs would be deposited in the LDA’s account shortly after receiving funding from the Punjab state government because it is obligatory to allow allocation before physical ownership, after the deposit of Rs 2,033 million, subject to confirmation/approval by the LDA governing body, for the issuance of an allocation letter to the department. The case was submitted to LDADG. Building Permit Planning Related NOK between building management authorities and departments in charge, and restrictions on land use for hospital purposes only. If the plan needs to be changed (land use for other purposes), this is Must be done by the competent authority, which said in the minutes of a recent meeting of LDA-Board officials involved in the torture of traders. They need to be in a new location before the government moves existing markets. Believed that all facilities should have been provided. Police also launched a sack attack to disperse the protesters, injuring some protesters. They demoed more than 100 people. Participants were arrested and, at the request of TMO Gulberg, about 500 cases were filed against them. The trader protests lasted several months in 2011, so they finally moved to a new location and the LDA owned the land.

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