Solving people’s problems with the Health Card

Naya Pakistan Sehat card

A province official announced on Sunday that the Naya Pakistan Sehat Cards will be handed out in Punjab starting in January, while these cards have already been given out to people in Dera Ghazi Khan and Sahiwal Divisions said by the Cheif Minister. According to official sources here, the Sehat Card program initially started in the Lahore division and then expanded to six other divisions in the state. He said all families in Punjab had a Naya Pakistan Sehat card by the end of March. Anyone in the family can use the Naya Pakistan Sehat Card for free treatment facilities of up to Rs 1 million per year.

Usman Buzdar described this initiative as a major step towards a new Pakistan and the fulfillment of another promise made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to the country. The government was paying more attention to improving medical facilities because the sector was ignored in the pre- regime and he also added that the health sector budget of the previous administration was 169 billion rupees, but the current administration increased it to 399 billion rupees. He said that for the first time in the history of Punjab, in addition to establishing eight maternal and child hospitals in the underdeveloped county and Lahore, such a large amount of money was allocated to improving the health sector.

The prime minister said the opposition was politicizing only on non-issues and had no agenda. According to official sources here, the prime minister said the opposition class was confused and the rejected factor was only wanting to gain a political career. He added that the country has not yet forgotten the corruption committed in the past. Usman Buzdar said the PTI government has taken practical steps to benefit the people and keep its promises. He said The government has completed a development project in a short period of time that the previous government could not complete for years. Prime Minister condemned the explosion at Mohmand Tehsil Bajaur and expressed deep sorrow for the loss of precious lives. Prime Minister expressed deep sympathy and condolences to his bereaved family and prayed for the swift recovery of the injured. Usman Buzdar expressed sadness about the death of a police officer in an accident involving an elite force vehicle near Nankar Nasahib. Prime Minister expressed his heartfelt condolences and condolences to the police officer’s family. He instructed the authorities to provide the injured police officers with the best possible medical care. He also asked for a report on the incident.

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