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Are you looking to sell or rent out your property in Pakistan? One of the best ways to find interested buyers or renters for your property is through OLX Pakistan. It is the country’s leading online classifieds platform that connects you with thousands of home buyers and renters from around the world and from within Pakistan.

This complete guide will teach you everything you need to know about selling or renting properties on OLX Pakistan. So that you can get the most out of it, whether it’s finding interested buyers or advertising your property quickly and efficiently to as many potential clients as possible.

Know About OLX Pakistan

OLX is a global site that connects buyers and sellers in a country. You can buy almost anything you need or want, including clothes, furniture, electronics, mobiles, laptops, appliances, and cars.

OLX Pakistan is the largest online classifieds website in Pakistan, and a growing number of people are now using this platform to sell or rent their properties all over the country.

If you have some extra real estate to sell or rent, your first step should be checking out OLX Pakistan, the region’s largest online classified ads service. With thousands of active users and hundreds of thousands of monthly page views, there’s no better place to advertise your properties in the country today!

While it’s easy to use and makes finding buyers or tenants for your property much easier, there are still some things you need to know about selling or renting properties on OLX Pakistan so that your experience goes smoothly.

If you’re looking for real estate opportunities like houses for rent in Lahore, homes for sale in Lahore, apartments for sale in Islamabad and even beach houses for sale in Karachi – you’ll find it all at OLX.

Just type in what you’re looking for, such as 3 bedroom house in Karachi, and OLX will give you all of the relevant results from around the city. From there, just review the listings and make your decision!

What is the Role of OLX Pakistan in Buying, Selling, and Renting Property in Pakistan?

OLX is an online marketplace where users buy and sell all sorts of items. Whether you are looking for new clothes, electronics, furniture, cars, pets, and more. There is a wide variety of listings to choose from. You can also sell your old stuff. It’s a fast and easy way to find the products you need and gets paid directly through local banks!

On OLX Pakistan, sellers post listings for their properties like houses, apartments, offices, warehouses, etc. Interested buyers may contact the seller via private message or chat box with any questions they may have about the property listed by them.

The buyer will be able to see if there are any other interested buyers by viewing the ‘watching’ tab next to the listing and then make their final decision about whether they want to make an offer on that property. Once the price has been agreed upon, the buyer makes a deposit payment to confirm their purchase.

Once this happens, both parties will sign and date the contract which binds them together to making a purchase agreement. If either party decides not to follow through with the sale, they must notify OLX Pakistan at least one day before signing the contract so that they can cancel it.

The Process You Should Follow For Selling Or Renting Property on OLX Pakistan

Once you decide to put your property up for sale or rent, there are a few things you should do before actually putting it up on OLX Pakistan. The first is compiling information about the property including any fixtures or appliances that come with it.

You also want to make sure that your price is competitive. Once you list your property, you should respond as soon as possible if someone has a question about it, and you can also upload pictures of the space with more details about what is included.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to selling or renting property on OLX Pakistan.

Set up your profile

So you’re interested in buying or renting a property at Olx Pakistan, but where do you start? Buying a house is never an easy decision and it can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Start by signing up for your free OLX account with the help of this easy guide!

We’ll also give you some tips along the way that will save time and ensure success during your search. It’s all about helping each other out here at OLX Pakistan.

Your first step is creating a profile. A username and password are required. Therefore make sure to come up with something memorable and make sure your password has upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, symbols, or combinations of those four things.

You should also use security questions so that you have backup options if you forget your password (and we all forget our passwords from time to time). Upload your original picture but try to use a professional image. It will make a lasting impression

Add your contact details, so the buyer or renter can contact you immediately. Fill in all other required details and set up your complete profile on OLX Pakistan. After completing your profile, move to the next step.

List your property

It’s not just people who are buying and selling things on OLX Pakistan. Thousands of classified ads are posted every day. If you have a property that you want to sell or rent, there is a big chance it will be seen by millions of people with the right buyer for your property. List the property that you want to sell or rent out.

Upload images of your property

Once you complete your OLX profile,, it’s time to list your property for sale or rent it. The initial step in this process is uploading images. You can upload images of your property using your computer mobile or any other device.

Here are the specifications for a good, high-quality photo:

  • Picture Dimensions – Hight – 720 × 600 pixels | 288 × 240 pixels | 576 × 480 pixels | 922 × 768 pixels | 1,200 × 1,000 pixels
  • Picture Size – Maximum 5MB
  • File Format – JPG, PNG, GIF only
  • Exposure Compensation – Turn exposure compensation up (+) for dark pictures and down (-) for light pictures.
  • Pictures Limit – Maximum 8 Photos of Property

Add Property Description

After uploading good-quality images, now it’s time to write a better description. A property description on OLX Pakistan is mandatory and plays a vital role in the sale or rent of a house. For example, if you want to sell a 5-marla house in Lahore. 

First of all, you write “A Beautiful & Luxury 5 Marla House for Sale in Lahore” Next you will write its qualities, floors, furnished/non-furnished, paint, and everything related to your property that can help people find your house. The same rule you can apply to rent a property in your area.

After all the processes, select the location of the property on OLX Pakistan and click on the Publish button. Now your property ad will go live and concerned persons will contact you shortly if they are interested.

Follow up with interested buyers and tenants

If you are interested in following up with buyers and tenants, here is what you need to do. Find their email addresses by looking at their profile, clicking on the ‘Message User’ button on their profile page, and filling out the box that pops up.

After doing so, type your message in the box and then hit ‘Send’. You will get a confirmation email after sending the message. Check your inbox for responses, delete any spam messages and follow up with other buyers and tenants as needed.

Closing the property deal through OLX Pakistan

Once you have a deal in place, don’t forget about the important steps involved in taking care of your customer. That includes things like getting an electronic signature, notifying the other party about any potential settlement challenges, and ensuring both parties understand the next steps that need to be taken after the deal is closed.

These steps can also come into play if you’re looking for tenants. Make sure they are aware of what will happen when they move out, how often they’ll need to pay rent, and what’s expected of them as a tenant. If there are any issues with the property (a leaky roof, say), make sure they know how long it will take to fix it and whether or not it will impact their lease agreement.


OLX is an innovative and trusted way of selling, buying, and renting properties. If you are planning to sell or rent a property, get in touch with OLX Pakistan today! The best thing about this service is that there are many people online all the time.

It means your property will be shown at any given time of the day and night. You never know when someone might be looking for your perfect property for sale! Get a start now and see what kind of great deals you can find for yourself.

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