LDA to Implement Strict Monitoring System to Curb Illegal Constructions

LDA to Implement Strict Monitoring System to Curb Illegal Constructions

Lahore: According to a news source on June 20, the Lahore Development Authority Director General (LDA-DG), Tahir Farooq, has ordered the establishment of a strict monitoring system to stop unlawful developments in Lahore.

To combat the rising issue of unauthorized construction, the LDA has taken proactive steps by forming dedicated teams to oversee and enforce building regulations. During the Eid-ul-Azha holidays, LDA teams, under the direct supervision of Director General Tahir Farooq, conducted flag marches and inspected numerous construction sites across the city. This initiative marks a significant move towards maintaining urban order and ensuring that all building activities comply with established regulations.

Key areas that were closely monitored included Jubilee Town, Defence Road, Main Boulevard Gulberg, and several other prominent locations. These inspections were led by Directors Kaleem Yusuf and Sidra Tabassam, who took charge of the enforcement activities. On the third day of Eid, the enforcement squad specifically targeted Main Boulevard Gulberg and Jail Road for inspections, ensuring that these busy and high-profile areas adhere to the city’s construction codes. Additionally, further inspections were carried out on Ferozepur Road and Kacha Jail Road to reinforce the LDA’s commitment to curbing illegal building activities.

The field monitoring did not stop there. The teams extended their reach to Madar-e-Millat Road, Faisal Town, Johar Town, Multan Road, and Ravi Main Boulevard. These areas are crucial due to their rapid development and high construction activity. The inspections were supervised by Chief Town Planner One Asad Zaman, who ensured that the Town Planning Wing adhered to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) during their thorough inspections. By doing so, the LDA aims to create a more organized urban environment and prevent unauthorized construction that could compromise the city’s infrastructure and aesthetics.

This initiative underscores the LDA’s dedication to upholding the law and maintaining the city’s planned development. Introducing this strict monitoring system is expected to deter illegal constructions, ensuring that all future building activities in Lahore are conducted in compliance with legal standards. By implementing such robust measures, the LDA is taking a firm stand against unauthorized constructions, which have been a growing concern in the rapidly expanding city of Lahore.

Through consistent and rigorous enforcement of building regulations, the Lahore Development Authority aims to protect the city’s architectural integrity and promote sustainable urban development.

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