CDA to Renovate and Upgrade Old Buildings in Key Islamabad Markets

CDA to Renovate and Upgrade Old Buildings in Key Islamabad Markets

Islamabad: On June 13, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) declared its plan to enhance and refurbish buildings in several major markets throughout Islamabad. The areas targeted for these upgrades include Blue Area, Aabpara Market, G-6, F-6, and other significant commercial centers.

According to the details provided, CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa highlighted the necessity for a business-friendly incentive plan to be developed and presented within a week. This plan aims to enhance the condition of older buildings in these markets, ensuring they meet modern standards and contribute to a more vibrant commercial environment. Chairman Randhawa emphasized that incentives will be offered to the owners of old buildings under new regulations designed to facilitate this renovation process.

The CDA’s initiative is seen as a vital step towards revitalizing Islamabad’s commercial infrastructure. Many buildings in these key markets have aged and require substantial improvements to meet current safety and aesthetic standards. The proposed renovations are expected to boost business activities, attract more customers, and ultimately contribute to the economic growth of the city.

In addition to the renovation plans, the meeting concluded with a firm decision to take action against buildings constructed or under construction without CDA approval after June 30, 2024. Building owners are strongly urged to apply for the necessary approvals for their building plans before this deadline to avoid having their buildings sealed. This measure is intended to ensure compliance with building regulations and maintain the integrity of urban planning in Islamabad.

Moreover, the charges for building plan approval will see an increase after July 1, 2024. This means that any new building plans submitted for approval after this date will be subject to the revised charges. The CDA aims to encourage building owners to act promptly and secure approvals under the current fee structure, thereby avoiding higher costs later.

The planned upgrades are part of a broader strategy by the CDA to enhance the overall infrastructure and urban environment of Islamabad. By focusing on key commercial areas, the CDA hopes to set a precedent for future urban development projects in the city. The improved buildings are expected to provide a safer, more attractive environment for businesses and customers alike, fostering a positive impact on the local economy.

The CDA’s decision to renovate and upgrade old buildings in Islamabad’s key markets marks a significant effort to modernize the city’s commercial landscape. The combination of incentives for building owners, stricter enforcement of approval deadlines, and increased charges for building plan approvals reflects a comprehensive approach to urban development. These measures are anticipated to drive the revitalization of key commercial centers, promoting a more dynamic and prosperous Islamabad.

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