Approximately 17,000 housing units have been built as part of Naya Pakistan initiative


ISLAMABAD: So far, under the Naya Pakistan Housing Development Agency (NAPHDA) of the previous government, only 17,000 housing units have been delivered in the country.

Thus far, only one percent of the 5 million housing units promised by the former government have been delivered. It is interesting to note that the Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority, set up by the former government to realize this dream, has not yet completed a single housing unit.

The Akhuwat Foundation, a reputed NGO that was partially assigned the task, has so far delivered 17,000 housing units to needy families.

There is good progress being made on the projects in Lahore, Sargodha, and Islamabad. Similarly, the local government department in Islamabad has finished the balloting and has given the list to the local housing department for handing over the apartments to clients.

With the collaboration of the Workers Welfare Fund (WWF), around 3,000 apartments are also ready, but a court case related to this project is still pending, and once it has been decided, the apartments will be forwarded to the deserving ones.

The NAPHDA spokesperson revealed that approximately 59,000 housing units are under construction in different parts of the country, of which almost 20,000 are complete.

Over 17,000 of these 20,000 units are being built by Akhuwat and around 3,000 by the Workers Welfare Fund, while none have been delivered by the NAPHDA or local government departments.

Approximately Rs140 billion will be spent on the 59,000 housing units under construction, according to the data. An estimated Rs8 billion was spent on the 17,000 housing units made by Akhuwat Foundation.

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