Development in DHA Lahore Phase 10 is Commence in April 2024

Development in DHA Lahore Phase 10 is Commence in April 2024


Dear friends, congratulations are in order! Construction is set to begin on the highly anticipated DHA Lahore Phase 10. In a previous statement, it was revealed that the construction of the main gate and main boulevard will be prioritized, with the subsequent development of each block in the phase.

In this phase, the army allotment process has already commenced, with numerous files being transferred from various DHA societies. This includes files from DHA Islamabad and DHA Rawalpindi.

According to experts, investing in this project earlier would have been a wise decision. However, there is still an opportunity to get involved. With the impending release of the budget, there is a sense of confusion among individuals regarding the optimal timing for making purchases. Many are grappling with the decision of whether to buy before or after the budget is announced. It is important to note that clients of Lahore Real Estate have seen a significant increase in their investments over the past two to three months.

It is worth mentioning that gains of one to two million have been made since the start of the advisory period. This serves as a reminder to all clients to consider the positive outcomes of their investments. Despite the progress made, there is still ample opportunity for continued expansion. Urgent Purchase Recommended, Advises Against Waiting for Budget or Notifications

DHA Lahore Phase 10 Location

The location is highly sought-after due to its prime positioning. The area is situated between Ferozepur Road and Bedian Road. The population in the area stretches as far as Bahria Nasheman on Ferozepur Road, with a notable number of residents continuing on Bedian Road. The project has garnered significant appeal from three different angles.

The upcoming development will provide convenient access from three bridges, as well as direct access from Ring Road. Additionally, it will ensure easy connectivity to DHA Phase 10.

New Investment Opportunity in DHA Lahore’s Phase 10

An incredible opportunity awaits! DHA Phase 10 is poised to shape the future of the next 5-10 years. The real estate market in DHA Phase 10, DHA Phase 9, and Prism is expected to experience significant growth, resulting in increased property values. This positive trend is likely to extend to other DHAs as well. Investors can anticipate a favorable environment for property appreciation.

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