Lahore Declared the 2nd Most Polluted & Poor Air Quality City of the World

Lahore Declared-the-Second-Top-Polluted-City-of-the-World

Pakistan has been dealing with smog since 2016, which means we have been inhaling this toxic air for the past five years. According to the latest ‘Air Quality and Pollution‘ assessments, Lahore Air pollution is a serious public health concern in Pakistan, affecting millions of people in Pakistan. Experts have warned that if the situation is not addressed properly, it might be detrimental for the country. Pakistan’s primary concern is air pollution, with cities like Lahore and Karachi having the unhealthiest air quality index. Particulate Matter(PM) rating of Lahore is recorded 188 that is categorized as “unhealthy” air quality.

Lahore’s Air Quality Index has been recorded 327 a few days ago. It means The higher the Air quality index rating, the more polluted the air is and the greater the risk to human health. If the AQI is less than 50, air quality is considered safe. Air quality index between 100-150 is harmful to people having lung diseases, AQI above 150 is detrimental for almost everyone.

Reasons for Air Pollution:

The main reasons for air pollution in Lahore are vehicular and industrial emissions. Other factors of air pollution include large-scale losses of trees to build new roads and buildings. During the cold weather, from October to February, air quality in Lahore deteriorates as farmers across Punjab set fire to crop residues, releasing smoke that contributes to smog.

Role of Government

To improve the air quality index (AQI) of Lahore, strict actions should be taken by Government as well as on an individual level. The government is promoting cleaner techniques, funding research and development through the Higher Education Commission, and trying to enforce regulatory compliance at various levels to minimize air pollution. The Punjab government has determined to take action against people who pollute the air and environment by burning crop stalks. On an individual level, everyone should wear masks and goggles to prevent themselves from this extremely hazardous air quality and try to commute via public transport as much as possible.

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