Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Delayed Due to Alignment

Rawalpindi: Since the government started an investigation into the new alignment of the Rawalpindi Ring Road, progress on the Ring Road project has been delayed, according to a news source.

An official of the Planning and Development department revealed that three ongoing projects in Rawalpindi are part of the annual development programme.

Rs.50 million has been allocated for the ring road, Rs.50 million for the Kutchery Chowk remodelling project, and Rs.50 million for the Rawal Expressway project.

On April 16, the FWO, which won the contract for the project at a cost of Rs22.80 billion, started work at Banth Mor and Thalian Interchange, but the ongoing work on the project was practically stopped because of the political turmoil in the country.

Authorities report that the government of Punjab requested back Rs4 billion from the RDA, which was putting together the details so the sum can be refunded.

The primary objective of this project, Mr. Murtaza said, was to alleviate traffic congestion on Islamabad’s and Rawalpindi’s roads. At a event, RDA Chief Engineer Dr. Habib ul Haq Randhawa presented a status report on the Rawalpindi Ring Road development, stating that this will be a 38.3 kilometer development.

In total, there will be six lanes on this 38.3-kilometer ring road. Thalian will be near the Motorway and will begin at Banth GT Road near Rawat and conclude at Thalian. A total of five interchanges will be built on the ring road: Banth, Chak Bailey Khan, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, and Thalian Interchange on the motorway (M-2).

When this was being discussed, there was an announcement about building an additional road that would only benefit a few of the private housing societies. Due to these reasons, the project cost was increased by Rs.25 billion.

Although the government has released Rs.50 million for the project this year, it appears that the project is not yet ready to start. It has been four years since the government allocated funds for the project, but construction has yet to begin.

There has been no progress on Rawalpindi’s missing link since the project was frozen 17 years ago. The project’s estimated cost will further increase if further delay persists.

There are lots of opportunities for Rawalpindi Ring Road since it provides an alternative to the traffic bottleneck on the N-5 passing through Rawalpindi.

For those who travel daily on the N-5 highway, the Ring Road Islamabad construction provides convenience and relief. Traffic is congested on the national road, which runs 1,819 kilometers throughout Rawalpindi. As a result, local and intercity traffic gets crowded, causing them to travel longer distances and creating inconveniences.

In Rawalpindi, the Ring Road starts from Rawat and connects to Adiala Road adjacent to Radio Pakistan after its backside extends through Bahria Town Phase 8.

Almost seven interchanges separate therefrom and the Ring Road all the way to Sangjani interchange. In addition, it crosses the Islamabad-Lahore and Islamabad-Peshawar motorways. It will be easier for motorists to travel on these motorways.

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