A Waterfall has been Repaired in F-9 Park by the CDA

The Metropolitan Development Authority (CDA) has restored an inoperable waterfall in F9 Park after construction and repairs have been completed. Authorities are also working on a number of projects to provide the best leisure facilities for residents of the federal capital, the spokesman said on Sunday.  He also stated that the waterfall area is connected to the Islamabad Art Gallery in F9 Park.

The waterfall is adorned with colorful lights and offers spectacular views, especially at night, providing the best entertainment for the general public, especially children. Note that  F9 Park had many waterscapes with beautiful vegetation, but in the past, these facilities were damaged due to lack of priority. The rest of the facilities in the park have been restored at the direction of the CDA Chair, and refurbishment and refurbishment of these sites is underway.

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