MOCC Introduced Environmental Audit of Housing Schemes


The Ministry of Climate Change will accelerate its efforts to ensure environmental audits of housing developments in order to maintain the natural habitat in the face of rising construction activity. According to the information, the federal government introduced a National Environment Policy that is unanimously accepted by the provinces.
“Now, the federal government is going to make a deliberate effort, with the cooperation of the provincial governments, to ensure that every housing society undergoes an environmental audit to assess whether or not it is causing environmental degradation,” according to the statement.
According to an official, each provincial government has its own environment wing that monitors building operations, but there is no formal process in place to conduct an environmental audit of housing projects. “The provincial governments should mandate an environmental audit of all housing societies, and those who break the rules should face severe consequences,” he said. According to the official, the primary beneficiaries of housing schemes are usually property developers, while the natural environment is the primary loss.
“We consider that housing policy should be formulated within the broader context of environmental restrictions,” Malik Amin Aslam, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Climate Change, said. All new housing should be designed according to environmentally friendly standards.” He believes that green development can provide a great chance to move away from fragmented construction in the past and create new homes with well-planned and sustainable standards.

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