CDA Formed an Inquiry Committee to Investigate D-13/2 Plots Allotments


Islamabad: According to a news source, CDA has formed a formal inquiry committee to investigate the fake plot allotment in D-13/2.

Dawn obtained the following notification: “Director Security CDA reports fraud and bogus plot allocations in sector D-13/2, Islamabad.”

The competent authority has directed that a formal inquiry be conducted to determine the facts of this case and to identify the officials involved.

Committee members include Deputy Director Human Resources Department Mian Usmanud Din and Deputy General Estate Afnan Alam. An investigation will be conducted by the competent authority and a report will be submitted within ten days.

Identifying all such parties will further assist in resolving the issue. Sobia Toru’s signatures were misused to allot two plots in D-13 after his additional director land was uncovered a few months ago.

Higher-ups at the CDA were then notified of the issue and instructed the security directorate to investigate. A kanal plot with fake signatures had been allotted to seven people at least.

In addition to the two plots in D-13, the NAB also sought the records of two plots reported by the former additional director of land to the security directorate a few months ago.

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